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They're people's inventions, just like all the weaknesses vampires are supposed to have.
Keldar, Witcher from the School of the Griffin

A Zompire, is a creature belonging to the "folklore" that revolves around the renegade mages. Which is why its veracity could never be verified.

As its name suggests, it would be like a normal zombie, but using the body of a vampire either inferior or higher.








  • Several legends speak of Mimit, brother of the legendary witcher Putnam Pitch could have created a zompire, which led to him being expelled from the magic academy where he studied.
  • Another legend, collected by scholars of the witchers' caste, talk about two witchers ( Asterios and Pedro Esparza ) from the School of the Bear and School of the Wolf, they once faced a zompire in a contract together.
  • Zompires are not inspired in any of its Pop Culture counterparts. It´s a mix between two creatures from the Witcher Lore [ Games + books ]