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A failed Griffin experiment.

Zivor of Redania also known as " The Beast of Redania " was a Witcher from the School of the Griffin, later Witcher of the School of the Fox and a close friend of Putnam Pitch.


Early Life

Little is known about Zivor's life. Since this was left in the Griffin fortress with amnesia and nothing more. There he was accepted and trained to become a Witcher.

Although some members of the school speculated that he may have been the son of one of the sorcerers who provoked the avalanche some time ago.

Extra experiments

Because of his high tolerance in the Trial of The Grasses. Zivor, unlike his companions he was subjected to extra experiments. Which left him bald they gave him more strength and large size than usual in a common Witcher, etc... The problem was, that when they saw this, the griffins continued, but instead of killing him they ended up making him suffer from mental retardation, plus the extra experiments left him insensitive to magic. What made it impossible for him to use Signs

Personality & Traits

Zivor's personality could be summed up in a phrase "the mind of a 4-year-old boy in the body of a giant."


  • Witcher genetic mutations: Before even entering adolescence, Witcher Apprentices were subjected to painful and potentially lethal mutative procedures with the goal of reshaping their bodies. The result of these mutations, when successful, were strength and speed far exceeding that of a normal human, capable of matching those creatures which preyed upon humanoids.
    • Sterility: A condition which is a side effect of the trial of the grasses and the Witcher mutations.
    • Witchers possess a disease resistance that borders on absolute immunity. This tremendous resistance to disease (which functions in most cases as complete immunity) and a boosted immune system, allowing them to consume large quantities of potions that could prove easily deadly if consumed even in small amounts by a normal man.
    • Enhanced Condition- Witchers possess a enhanced human condition and mind brought about by training and mutations which results in exceptionally enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, and endurance, far beyond any normal or well-trained human, that allows them to swiftly end fights with minimal effort, and perform physical feats non-witchers couldn't hope to match.
      • Enhanced Human Endurance- Witchers have also been shown to shrug off hits that would normally render normal men unconscious. Additionally, they have been known to survive the strikes of powerful monsters such as giants, or other beings possessing herculean strength, that would otherwise kill others with a single blow.
      • Enhanced Human Senses- A Witcher's entire sensory system has been overall enhanced, trained and refined to an inhuman degree.
        • Enhanced Hearing- Witchers can hear with amazing clarity, distance, and even frequencies outside the normal range.
        • Enhanced Smell- Witcher are trained to detect specific persons, creatures, monsters, objects, substances or even places, locate their origin, and track targets with nothing but their nose. A Witcher can identify the species of animal from the scent of their blood alone.
        • Enhanced Vision- Witchers can see with amazing clarity/detail, distance, or color. Witcher possess cat-like eyes that grant very acute night-vision - Witchers can constrict their pupils to see in blinding light or open them to see in near pitch darkness. This night-vision can be further enhanced with the cat potion, but in general, it is good enough by itself to not require further enhancement.
          • Night Vision- Using the Cat potion, Witchers eyes change to allow Witchers to see in pitch blackness.
    • Enhanced Human Strength- A Witcher's physical skills alone are sufficient to defeat most monsters single-handedly if combined with extensive training and proper weaponry, whereas regular men could only hope to accomplish this in large groups. Its generally thought that a Witcher is 10x physically stronger than a normal man. Zivor is even stronger than a normal Witcher.
      • Enhanced Running/Sprinting- Due to an extensive pre-mutation exercise program and later the mutations of the Witcher Trials, Witchers are able to run faster than normal humans beyond what can be emulated via natural training and with little to no maintaining.
      • Enhanced Stamina-
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Level 2- Witchers usually have quick(er) recovery from injuries. While not instant healing a Witcher's healing time is highly unusual taking a fraction of the time to heal as well as surviving more deadly wounds possible. For example when slashed in the neck by a Striga's talons the famed Witcher Geralt of Rivia it only took him a few days to heal before he was back on The Path.
      • Minor to moderate wounds such as small cuts, bruises, and burns usually take a few seconds to fully heal, with more severe injuries like lost limbs, internal organs, and damaged nerves and cells taking minutes or hours to heal.
      • Demi-Immortality- A Witcher's cellular senescence is drastically reduced, if not completely halted. It is unknown if a Witcher has semi-immortality or a life extension as no known Witcher has died of natural causes but Witchers have incredibly long lifespans and prolonged youth. While each Witcher is different, a Witcher's known life expectancy is varied as they usually died in battle.
  • Witchers' possess the ability to receive mutagenic materials from monsters and process it into their being through Witcher decoctions. This allows a Witcher to take on traits and the improved conditions of the monster, this is a incredibly dangerous process so a Witcher can only handle one or two decoctions at a time, as a inbred safety precaution if a Witcher already has two decoctions in their system and takes a third one, the oldest decoction's effects are overwritten.
    • Monster & Beast Physiology: By consuming Witcher concoctions, a Witcher is able to take on traits of the decoction's donor.
  • Alchemy: A brewing process for making potions, oils, decoctions, etc of the Witcher trade.
    • Witcher Potions- Using alchemy Zivor is able to brew potions which have calculated effects on Witchers but are toxic to most other mortals.
    • Witcher Decoctions- Using alchemy Zivor is a able to brew decoctions which are a stronger type of Witcher potion often using monster parts as ingredients, and have stronger effects. Only a few decoctions at a time can be used at once as they are much stronger than conventional witcher potions.
    • Weapon Oils- Using the alchemical process and using dog or bear fat as a base Zivor is able to brew oils to coat his swords in to deal more damage to certain types of beings and creatures.


Because of his great brute force. Zivor barely uses equipment beyond an armor made especially for him and from time to time potions if he needs it.


  • Zivor was 10'4" ft (3.20 meters) tall. Easily twice the height of most humans.
  • Due to his mental retardation, he is always accompanied by Kemro of Cintra. Who acts like the head while Zivor is the force.