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If you only think of yourself, you’ll only destroy yourself.
―School of the Dragon mantra

Yasuke is a witcher from the School of the Dragon.


Early Life

Much is unknown about Yasuke's life. But it is known that he was the son of two nordling slaves,which were offered as a tribute to the Emperor of the Okami Islands when Nilfgaard made contact with the nation.

But which was rejected. Which led him to be found by the witchers of the School of the Dragon and to be turned into one of them.

Encounter with the Fabio Sachs Expedition

In the year 1284. Yasuke would join Fabio Sachs' expedition with the intention of stopping the civil war between clans that had caused the Emperor's death.

Personality & Traits

Yasuke's personality is similar to that of many other witchers. Cold, calculating and not very talkative. But in him, he highlights a trait that others may not have. Honor, one of the main values of his school.



  • Dragon School armor.
  • Dragon School Steel & Silver swords.
  • Journal


  • Yasuke is inspired by this historical character from Japan : Yasuke