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What kind of cursed dog is that?
― Anonymous

A wulver is a subspecies of werewolf born out of the union between werewolf and a common dog.

Can be found all over the Continent but their presence is remarkable in Kovir ( and the Far North according to travelers' reports )

They differ from werewolves in several ways. Their size (they are smaller than the common werewolf), intelligence (similar to a dog), greater resistance to silver, greater agility but less strength than the werewolf, inability to have a human form (they are beasts, not cursed) and their appearance (which may be more dog or wolf depending on the specimen).

Attempts have been made to domesticate, but all have failed.


  • Wulver is a creature from Shetland islands folklore.
  • This article was inspired by two versions of the creature. The first, the original of the folktale and the other, the one presented by the video game God of War ( 2018 )