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The Witcher schools are the organizations which train and equip Witchers, the itinerant monster slayers. While schools differ in mindset and details of training, most of them teach equally professional hunters. Headquartered in seclude locations, each one is built on the blood, sweat, and tears of countless children who stood within them, honing their technique and skill.

Split off from the original Order of Witchers created in the 10th century, the schools continued to train new generations of witchers. Most of them had fallen up to the first half of the 13th century under various human attacks, but at least some of them were rebuilt and continued to function even in the next centuries.

Timeline of the Witcher Schools[]

First generation of Witcher Schools[]

The first generation of Witcher Schools emerged during the Golden Age of Witchers, a period of great need for monster hunters. This era witnessed the rise and fall of the Order of Witchers, which eventually fractured and gave rise to the first formal schools dedicated to training witchers. However, some scholars debate whether the Order's time and the establishment of the schools represent distinct periods.

  • 951 AR (creation of the Order of Witchers): The first group of witchers which would take on the name of Order of the Witchers under Alzur and his mentor Cosimo Malaspina. It is unknown how long the original mages stayed but they were considered long gone by 970 AR when the group finally fractured beyond repair.
  • 970 AR (creation of the School of the Bear, Viper and Manticore): The witcher Arnaghad attacks fellow witcher Rhys, this leads to a big battle amongst the remaining members of the Order with those who stood with Arnaghad facing off against those that sided with justice for Rhys. The battle culminated with Arnaghad and a number of witchers leaving with him, this number would go on to form the schools of Bear, Viper and Manticore respectively.
  • 972 AR (creation of the first iteration of the School of the Cat): Two years after the events of Arnaghad's attack, a group of witchers decides to steal away research and knowledge to start their own school. The witcher Kodan founds the first iteration of the School of the Cat as Stygga Citadel in Ebbing along with 19 young witchers with the intention of create their own school which would surpass the Order and get them the respect of the continent.
  • 980 AR (creation of the School of the Griffin): The School of the Griffin is founded by Erland of Larvik, with the intention of preserving the original purpose and knightly values of the Order of Witchers.
  • 990 AR (creation of the School of the Wolf): The last of the first witcher schools, the School of the Wolf is founded by Deglan who takes all the Witchers that remained after the others, with the intention of creating a well-rounded and trained, professional Witcher.

Second generation of Witcher Schools[]

The second generation of Witcher Schools emerged during the Silver Age following the establishment of the first schools. Their rapid growth and widespread presence led to the near depletion of monster populations, ushering in the Bronze Age of Witchers, marked by a decline in both monster threats and witcher activity. This era also witnessed the "Witcher Migrations," a period of expansion where witchers ventured beyond their traditional territories to establish a presence across the continent from the Northern Kingdoms to the distant Tuyotuki Islands.

  • At some point between the 990s and the 1060s AR (creation of the School of the Rat): The school originated from a schism within the School of the Cat during its time at the Stygga Citadel. It is said that Ayco, a witcher from the original group that formed the School of the Cat, founded the School of the Rat between the 990s and 1060s. Observing the "degeneration" and declining reputation of the Cat School, Ayco decided to split from the group, creating a more professional version known as the School of the Rat. However, it was less honorable than the School of the Lion, focusing more on the assassination aspect of the Cats rather than the original ideas of creating a school that would surpass the order. It is rumored that their distinctive rat medallions symbolized their complete opposition to the Cat School, considering them inferior, much like other witcher schools.
  • 1000 AR (creation of the School of the Rhino): A dispute between the Grandmaster of the School of the Bear, Arnaghad, and the witcher Atol Florry over how the training of the members of the School of the Bear should be conducted leads to Atol Florry's exile, along with those who supported his training approach. This eventually gives rise to the School of the Rhino when Atol Florry and his supporters settle in the country of Tenoch in the Far South.
  • Around 1000s AR (creation of the School of the Owl): When witchers of the Wolf took Kaer Morhen, some of them, especially those connected with the Griffin School, felt it was unlawful. They left Hertch and joined Skelliger expeditions to the east. There, they met the Skrælings, the indigenous population. Some of Skræling shamans decided to support the monster fighters, and joined the school in place of the mages left in Kaedwen.
  • 1005 AR (creation of the School of the Hawk): The School of the Hawk emerged as a schism within the Griffin School during its early days, led by a faction that believed the school should evolve rather than strictly preserve the original values of the Order of Witchers. Due to this ideological difference, these witchers were expelled from the Griffin School. Determined to establish a school aligned with their vision, they founded the School of the Hawk.
  • 1010 AR (creation of the School of the Fox): The School of the Fox emerged when various witchers from the School of the Wolf, led by Velcal, opposed the expulsion of 'failed' colleagues. Similar events unfolded in the School of the Cat. Both groups, united by the belief in second chances, converged in Vicovaro to combat the Ten Plagues, dispelling the notion of inherent incapability. Their triumph over monsters like wyverns and vampires not only shattered the myth of failure but also highlighted the untapped potential within these outcast individuals, culminating in the establishment of the School of the Fox.
  • 1031 AR (creation of the School of the Spider): An anonymous witcher (rumored to be Madoc), following the initial contacts between people from the Melukka region and the Northern Realms, decides to journey to Melukka with the intention of eliminating the monsters plaguing that part of the world. This leads to the founding of the School of the Spider.
  • At some point prior to the 1060s (the second iteration of the School of the Cat is founded): Driven mad by botched experiments, a band of Cat Witchers, survivors of these experiments led by Gezras of Leyda, escaped Stygga Castle and enacted bloody revenge on their perpetrators. Embracing a nomadic life and unorthodox training methods, they built a new School of the Cat in the Dyn Marv caravan.
  • 1087 AR (creation of the School of the Chamaleon): A group of Viper Witchers, who joined Nilfgaardian explorers during the early days of the exploration of the eastern parts of The Continent, ended up by accident on the island of Sabana in the Sundalaic archipelago. Witnessing the struggles of the local population against monsters, they decided not to return but to stay, thus founding another witcher school, the School of the Chameleon.
  • 1106 AR (creation of the School of the Leshen) : Witchers of the School of the Griffin, under the leadership of the witcher known as George (not to be confused with George of Kagen) and influenced by druids, decide to part ways and establish a school dedicated to restoring the natural balance of the world that the monsters disrupted, thus giving birth to the School of the Leshen.
  • 1100 AR (creation of the School of the Lungonite and Dragon): Out of fear of political manipulations by the Zerrikanian crown, among other reasons, a group of thirty members from the School of the Manticore, led by Gilgasmesh, decide to leave the school. Along the way, they escort a diplomatic caravan from the Tuyotuki Islands back to their homeland. This event eventually gives also rise to schools such as the School of the Lungonite as the group of thirty member splits in group of ten during their journey to the islands after seeing the monster problem the region of Bia Thin. Later, in the Tuyotuki Islands, the School of the Dragon is founded with the ten members left of the original group who completed the travesy.
  • 1110 AR (creation of the School of the School of the Singyuren): Following the disappearance of the Viper Witchers, who ended up in Sunda, friends from various witcher schools unite to search for them. Their quest leads them to the island of Sabana, where they ultimately establish the School of the Singyuren.
  • At some point between the 1100 AR and the 1169 AR (creation of the School of the Siren): Having endured mistreatment, sexism, and abuse from their male schoolmates, a group of witcheresses from the School of the Cat decides to splinter and create their own school. Stealing in the spinter process a copy of the Cat´s formula for mutating women to establish their exclusive female-only school. Setting their sights on the Far North, they ultimately found what would become the School of the Siren. However, due to the experimental nature of the Cat's formula, among other consequences, including new experiments on the girls, the school ends up having a short lifespan compared to others, eventually becoming extinct and leaving only frozen ruins behind.
  • 1169 AR (creation of the School of the Raven): As a result of the heroic deeds of the School of the Griffin Witcher, Raven, a group of admirers within the same school decide to break away and establish the School of the Raven, inspired by his exemplary actions.
  • 1200 AR (creation of the School of the Scorpion): The School of the Scorpion was established by witchers from the School of the Viper after they were called to Ofir to address a surge in the monster population that the local warriors couldn't handle. In response, the governors provided resources for the Vipers to create a dedicated school to combat the problem. Thus, the School of the Scorpion was born.
  • At some point between the 1200s and the 1220s (creation of the School of the Lion): Observing how the School of the Cat had abandoned its ideals of becoming a school that surpassed the extinct Order of Witchers and gained the respect of the continent, and degenerated, several survivors of the Stygga pogrom, who had eventually been accepted into Dyn Marv after the death of Gezras of Leyda in the Aelirenn's rebellion and the change of leadership, decided to leave the School of the Cat to found a school based on the old premises that they had not forgotten. Needing funds for their school, they eventually joined Zangvebarian merchants who were returning to their homeland and seeking protection for the long journey. After arriving in Zangvebar and recognizing the opportunities that this distant land offered them, they decided to stay and founded their new school there, thus giving rise to the School of the Lion.
  • 1229 AR (creation of the "School of the Tiger"): Exiles from the School of the Cat come together and form a group, calling themselves the "School of the Tiger" in the southern part of the continent.
  • At some point during the 1250s (creation of the School of the Wyvern): Exiled members of the School of the Dragon joined, and with the help of the Imperial Crown of the Tuyotuki Islands, founded the School of the Wyvern. Who was intented to replace the School of the Dragon, as well wiping out the non-humans of the islands.

Third generation of Witcher Schools[]

Following the decline and extinction of several schools in the "Bronze Age," the need for witchers arose anew due to a rise in monster populations and the Second Conjunction of Spheres (1358). This era saw the re-emergence of the witcher profession.

  • 1273 AR (the School of the Cat is reformed into the School of the Lynx): After a change of heart following the death of his best friend Aiden and the only father figure he had known for most of his life, Vesemir, Lambert of the School of the Wolf, along with the mage Keira Metz and some veteran Cat Witchers, decided to reclaim the Dyn Marv caravan from the soldiers who had taken it years ago. Subsequently, Lambert assumed the role of leader, a responsibility he took on to honor Aiden, and reformed the second iteration of the School of the Cat into the School of the Lynx.

Post - Second Conjunction of the Spheres[]

The surge in monster populations following the Second Conjunction led to the establishment of new witcher schools to address the threat.

  • 1359 AR (creation of the School of the Gyrfalcon): After the Second Conjunction of Spheres, prompted by the resurgence of the monster population, the mage Anika Marsir, along with surviving members of the extinct School of the Hawk, establishes the first witcher school following the event: the School of the Gyrfalcon.
  • 1380 / 81 AR (creation of the School of the Crane): The School of the Griffin Witcher, Putnam Pitch, travels to the Silk Islands and, on the island of Hawaiki, founds the School of the Crane – the first witcher school with a clear specialization in monsters, particularly focusing on aquatic and flying ones. However, due to various factors, the school does not officially start operating until 1381 when an old flame of Putnam, the Cat Witcheress Jolanta Dinmarb, joins the school, contributing with her ideas and enhancing Putnam's original concept, becoming its co-founder and co-grandmaster.

Fourth generation of Witcher Schools[]

This era witnessed the creation of new schools to address specific regional threats.

  • 1400s AR (the School of the Mammoth is created): Remnants of the School of the Bear, decide to unite and march to the Far North to fill the void left by the extinct School of the Owl regarding the threats of monsters present in that part of the world.
  • 1410 AR (the School of the Bat is created): Following a series of attacks by the Ammurun vampires on the Fabiolan colonies in the Western Continent, Math "The Boobrie" from the School of the Crane took it upon himself to address the issue, and with the support of the colonial government, he established the School of the Bat.
  • 1450s AR (the School of the Basan is created): The School of the Crane Witcheress Halsey "The Basan",better known as Bo, inspired by the travels of her adoptive father, and above all, by the winter that he spent on the school-ship of the extinct School of the Owl, in addition to the stories of her adoptive mother of the caravan of the extinct School of the Cat, adding Bo, her own experiences as a Crane Witcheress protecting humans and non-humans from the threats of the sea and the sky, and wanting to discover, despite the cost, her true origins, that she would undertake a journey to the Far East, eventually reaching the Okami Islands, where, after seeing the struggles of the local population with the new influx of monsters, she would decide to found another mobile witcher school, on a school-ship, thus giving rise to the School of the Basan.


  • Outside of the canon schools of Wolf, Cat, Griffin and Crane, if you count the books as well as the game canon of Bear, Viper and Manticore. Every other school is considered to be fanon.
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