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“The angry mob has come 'burn the witch' they cry, 'she has summoned the beast!' I must defend myself. Don't let them harm me... for my sins are not as great as they say!”
―- Abigail, Witch of Vizima's Outskirts

Witches are women who master magic, but are not affiliated with any organization, nor have they been taught in schools are distinguished from both witchers, witcheress and sorceresses. In a sense, they could be considered as a hybrid between a priestess and a mage. They tend to be "wise-women", healers, renegade druids or renegade mages and are usually, but not exclusively old women, even hags.

Some witches, they usually organize themselves in covens, where they celebrate different rituals at different times of the year.

The first witches came from Wiccan's world and although over time, they disappeared, their legacy survived in the witches of The World.

There are many witches who have been remarkable throughout history, some of them are the following:

Notable witches

Type of witches


  • The different types of witches are inspired by the different types of witches that have existed in Pop culture with the exception of the witches by race.
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