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The Wiccan´s world is a mixed world with The World after the Conjunction of the Spheres. It's a parallel reality of Earth ( Human´s homeworld ). In certain points of the Continent it is possible to access this world. In a similar way to the Malus Island.

This world has its own dimensions. An example of this is Summerland. It's also the world where witches come from. As time went by, witches tended to be confused with "wise - women" and healers.

It is known that they had a number of common beliefs, but that they were divided into many branches. So much so that even one of his branches had managed to reach the south of their world.

In their world, witches were being hunted ( How it would happen later in the Witch Hunts by Witch Hunters in The World but with mages ). That's why, when the worlds collided. Many of them escaped believing that it was an opportunity to start from scratch.

The influence of the witches became noticeable with the passage of time. Not only in the creation of the witches of The World as we know it as the Witch of Lynx Crag But also, they had a certain protagonism in the development of the Dauk culture.

In their world, it seems magic was dying. In their world, as in The World, there are also many type of different monsters.

Later on, the word wiccan would remain in the common mind and would be used as another name to refer the witchers.