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The unnamed landmass, referred to as the New World or New Continent by immigrants and colonizers, is located west to the Great Sea ocean. Discovered by Fabio Sachs, it became a target of colonization over the course of century or two. Many exotic and strange beings inhabit these lands, including the vampires of Tribe Ammurun.


  • Northern Coast: cold region adjacent to the sea where new countries are located founded by Erinn Tuirseach and several criminals from the Skellige Islands after being ostracized. Its population is the result of the mixture between the exiles and the native tribal population of that area.
  • Eastern Coast: warm region adjacent to the sea with flourishing colonies including Nordling Fabiola.
  • Western Coast: warm region adjacent to the sea where elves who could not pass through the Gate settled, far from humans. Unknown to Fabiolan pioneers.
  • The Plains: further to the west, less populated but safe from the pirates
  • The Death Desert : Huge valley an deadly desert, which is equal to or more dangerous than the Korath Desert, which serves as an antechamber for the region of Dariek.
  • Dariek: Very dangerous selvatic region, which leads to The Waterfalls.
  • The Waterfalls: the westernmost area known to Fabiolan pioneers.


Countries located on the Western Continent, but not on the Eastern Coast or the Northen Coast.

  • Garrampa
  • Pomega
  • Houssa Empire
  • Hybrasil
  • Alfa

Legendary locations 

  • Westernesse
  • Ennedi
  • Golden Cities of the Autochthonous
  • The Valley of the Ancient Reptiles
  • The Lost City of Grosso
  • The City of Trapala
  • Hawaiki


First route followed by Fabio Sachs' expedition to discover the Western Continent ( Art by V The Evil TV for The Witcher Fanon Wikia )