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Vosgmark is a kingdom located located northeast of Blakiven, in the region of the Far North. Between Vespaden and the region of Hertch. The kingdom was thought to be rather poor though, as its palace was described as the size of a barn.


Not much is known about Vosgmark other than it used to be under the rule of an old man who used to be a brigand. One day one of his younger sons, Prince Melvin visited Mahakam and found a huge block of crystal that Princess Renfri had been turned into and the young prince paid a handsome fee for a mage to reverse the spell and then brought her back to his father's kingdom.

His father, who had heard of Shrike and her infamous plundering, interrogated the woman with his eldest son. However, this was a mistake as the next day, the eldest son was now in power, his parents and siblings having been killed off, and he'd taken Renfri as his favorite.

This didn't remain for long though. Shortly after a coup d'etat happened, Renfri, having lost her seat, left the kingdom.

Notable people


  • Jorvik ( Capital )
  • Thorpe
  • Tronheim
  • Bergen
  • Danelaw
  • Flam
  • Scunthorpe
  • Grimethorpe
  • Humbria


  • The poverty of the kingdom came mainly for two things. The area in which it was located and the constant wars that took place to become independent from Vespaden.