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Vonir "One-Eye," sometimes nicknamed Patches, was a witcher of the School of the Viper. He was most famous for his freelance work as both a monster hunter and investigator especially during his time in the city of Novigrad. He is noted for developing several methods of detective work, often being referred to as the forefather of modern criminology


I'll start right away miss. Rest assured I'll do everything I can to find your husband, no matter the cost. Unlike the guards or the priests, I keep my word and finish my jobs.

Little is known about Vonir's early life, and he rarely spoke about it at all. He was born in the southern realms around 1120, and at a young age sent to the Gorthur Gvaed, headquarters of the School of the Viper, in the Tir Tochir mountains.

The cold and ruthless mentors trained Vonir in the witcher arts, and he lost numerous friends. For his final trial he was forced to kill a pet falcon he had raised and trained for years. By the end of it, Vonir emerged as a cold and relatively emotionless witcher, skilled in assassination and subterfuge.

He spent decades doing contracts as a witcher, sometimes on monsters and sometimes on humans and non-humans as well. Vonir remained independent of his school during this period, frequently working in the Northern Realms

In the early 12th century, he infamously lost his right eye during a contract to root out some harpies. This earned him the nickname "One-Eye" or "Patches" due to his use of an eyepatch. Vonir also started his first criminal cases and investigations, using his sharp eye, new ways of approaching crimes, and skills as a witcher to great success.

In the 1240s Vonir moved to Novigrad and remained in the area. He found plenty of work as a private investigator, frequently dealing with the vast criminal underground of the city, the Syndicate, and the numerous other growing tensions within the city.

Vonir worked on dozens of cases over the years, frequently targeted by the Syndicate and later the Big Four who ruled it. He became well-known among the commoners of the city, who frequently turned to the witcher to solve crimes. When tensions began to rise in the 1260s and '70s with the growing extremism of the Church of the Eternal Fire, Vonir was forced to flee.

He wandered during the course of the Northern/Niflgaardian Wars, surviving the destruction of his School and even encountering Viper witchers.

In the aftermath of the conflicts, Vonir returned to Novigrad, which entered into an era of unprecedented prosperity and economic boom. During this time he had numerous unofficial proteges, training several notable and future investigators.

Eventually growing tired of his work in Novigrad and surrounding cities, Vonir returned to wandering abroad in 1289. He died a few years later, killed fighting a vicious group of werewolves in a small village in Cintra.

Vonir left a large legacy, however, as his logical and methodical approach to solving cases was picked up and copied by future detectives and investigators, many of whom worked alongside Vonir or were even trained by him. The most famous of these was Vonir's friend, Gerring of Novigrad, who would go on to write Approaches to the Methods of Crimes and Criminals, a foundational text describing many of the witchers famous cases and methods, and Crime and the Witcher, a limited biography of Vonir.

Personality & Traits

Personality & Demeanor

Vonir was a gruff man, noted for his distinct coldness prevalent among witchers of the School of the Viper. He could be cold to those around him, and ruthless in his investigations, but this gruff nature hid a caring individual, who was committed to his contracts and finding the truth. Vonir was disillusioned by the crime and evils in the world, but continued his work with a keen eye and obsession in seeing at least some justice done, even if that required going outside the law.

Physical Traits

Vonir was known to most as an older man, despite his incredibly long life. Most striking of all was his scared right eye, possessing a long scratch that he often covered up with an eyepatch. Vonir was of modest build and medium height, with bushy eyebrows, receding hair, and small beards, and a face weathered by age and scars.


  • Witcher Mutation
    • Thanks to the effects of the mutations inducted by the various mushroom teas and alchemical devices given to him, Vonir possessed the typical attributes of any witcher. This include greater senses, faster reflexes, superhuman resilience and strength.
    • In addition, he also possessed cat-like eyes, resistance to pain, poison, and disease.
  • Magic and Signs
    • Vonir had extensive training in the use of signs, standard practice for witchers.
    • Years of lived experience and frequent research gave Vonir extensive hand-on approaches to dealing with specific spells and mages.
  • Mental Training and Knowledge
    • Vonir was gifted with a deductive and logical mind, and was obsessed with methodical approaches to crimes and investigations. His ruthless determination to look into every detail offered exquisite insight into the methods and tools used by criminals
    • Vonir has extensive street knowledge of gangs, local crime businesses, and the general workings of the places he resided.
    • He also had excellent knowledge about the uses and different types of poisons and alchemical compounds
  • Combat and Survival Training
    • Since he was a witcher, fighting and combat was natural to Vonir . Trained in the typical duel-wielding fast-paced methods of Viper witchers, Vonir was capable of quickly taking out opponents, or even facing larger threats.
    • Vonir's fighting style featured sinuous, unpredictable movements using the two blades, but he was also very adaptive and decades of experience made him a skilled and effective hand-to-hand combatent.


  • School of the Viper medallion: Given to him by the School of the Viper.
  • School of the Viper armor: Lightweight compared to other witchers, used for more secretive endeavors
  • Vonir's Notes: Vonir recorded nearly everything during his investigations, while also writing down his own suspicions and methods used to solve cases.
  • Twin Blades: Vonir made more use of his mind, but could on occasion use his signature twin blades, favorites of Viper witchers. They could be coated with different poisons for specific occasions.