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The Cursed One species called the Vendigo are able to place a curse on a humanoid by making sustained eye contact. If a vendigo successfully curses their target, the person afflicted with the so-called Vendigo's Curse. Their deteriorating condition brought on by the effects of the curse makes it harder and harder to defeat the Vendigo and break the curse.

The Vendigo curse progresses in three stages.

  1. The morning after the target is cursed, they wake up feeling a strong desire to consume fresh meat. This desire persists throughout the day and if that target is unable to consume fresh meat by the next morning their stamina is significantly reduced and they find it harder to do anything, their mind distracted by the thought of meat.
  2. On the second morning, the target wakes with a constant growling in their stomach and a deep, unquenchable hunger for fresh, bloody meat. Their condition will deteriorate even further if they fail to eat any raw meat before the next morning.
  3. On the third morning, the target wakes with an intense hunger for meat that gradually progresses toward cannibalistic desires. Physiologically and psychologically tormented, the targeted person is in serious risk of becoming a so-called "Vendigo's Spawn" at sundown.
  4. If the potential Spawns willpower holds out through the third day though they can overcome the curse themselves.

Vendigo's spawns are completely controlled by the vendigo that cursed them. Their intelligence is significantly lowered and in exchange they become immune to coercion and magical charms. They are recognized with clouded over milky white eyes, a maw of sharpened teeth, ashen skin or fur and a constantly emaciated look. Both the Vendigo and its spawn will have an aversion to fire.







How to break the curse

There are two known methods for breaking the curse once it has successfully taken hold:

  1. Requires killing the original Vendigo though at a height of 3.5 meters and being an extremely powerful being this, definitely is not the easy or safest option.
  2. Requires taking the spawn out of the area where they have been hexed and overpowering the vendigo's magic by a knowledgeable mage, druid, or priest. A Vendigo is not one to let prey or a spawn escape so easily though.


  • The Vendigo was originally going to be included in the Witcher 3 and exists as concept data but was passed over. New expanded information for the Vendigo was written by R. Talsorian and approved by CDPR, making it canon at least lore wise.
  • The White eyes and the emaciated look were not included in the data, but make sense given the original lore for the creature.
  • It is unknown at this time if a Vendigo Spawn eventually becomes another Vendigo or if Vendigo have a different means of reproduction as Vendigo are solitary creatures.