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Vampire's world is the world of the True Vampires and is populated by the Higher Vampire tribes of the Tdet, Gharasham, and Ammurun, as well as the other Vampire species.

Relation with The World

Their relationship with The World is limited to more than being one of the many worlds that crossed during the Conjunction of the Spheres and liberated several monsters/beasts in The World. This is the world that introduced the Vampire classification of beings into The World. Most of the more intelligent vampires long to return to their homeworld and as such have posted Elders, the most powerful and ancient of their kind to guard these potential portal sites.

Notable Races

Higher Vampires

  • True Higher Vampire (Vampires Superiores)
  • Mula
  • Bruxa (Womanoid)
  • Alp (Womanoid), less dangerous cousin of the Bruxa, identifiable by red hair even while in human disguise.
  • Nosferat, more dangerous cousin of the Katakan
  • Katakan

Lower Vampires

  • Strigoi
  • Garkain, before the discovery of the Strigoi, Garkains were considered the top of the Lower Vampire hierarchy. Because of their ability to lead packs of Lesser Vampires. Garkains are too heavy to run but are great leapers and will attack with mental blasts from a distance.
  • Ekimma, this is the line where intelligence really starts to shine through, Ekimma will nest in ancient elven tombs and such, sleeping for decades, centuries even before waking up to have their fill. Ekimma know when to use their ability to turn invisible as well.
  • Fleder, little more than vampiric foot soldiers, a fleder is a vicious predator able to easily take down a trained soldier, they are beneath Ekimmaras however because of their intelligence which equates to little more than blind rages during attacks. This species does not run, but will leap and ambush its prey even while hanging from the ceiling.
  • Plumard, little more than large bat-like creatures.


  • Though considered by Scholars to be part of the Vampire classification, no known Dhampirs exist in Vampire's world, as they are often spurred by their vampire counterparts.