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Hello, I call myself Adalwulf of Aedirn. I'm a Witcher fan and lifestyle enthusiast, formerly a fan of the Assassin's Creed IP.

I would like to consider myself rather well informed on the IP, though as a English speaker and not being aware of some of the native Polish resources, I am far from claiming to know it all. I've read all the books, have watched the old Hexer tv show, the Netflix adaptation, played through The Witcher 3, working on the Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings, and have not played the Witcher.

I cleared Gwent in the Witcher 3 and own physical decks for all 5 (original) factions twice over, I also own a set of fan made expansion decks (i.e Novigrad, Lyria & Rivia, Ofir, Cintra and Zerrikania). I used to run a Witcher fan group in the southern united states, would cosplay, and group activities, but have put that on hiatus since my move to the northern united states.

I currently own the core rulebook and all expansion currently out for the Witcher TTRPG. Would love to help build you a character that way or have you join or join a game myself.

I am open to collaboration and constructive criticism at anytime from my articles and posts. I do work a full-time job so it might take me a bit of time to get back to posts and criticism but I will get to it. I look forward to building this fanon together.

I do have ADHD and tend to jump from article to article or hyper-fixate on things, so I ask for your patience. I may correct grammar in articles or ask questions but I am fairly comfortable honoring fanon as long as it makes sense, follows established rules and honors the rules of the wiki.

My favorite pages

  • My Contributions- Several characters and articles I have either created or collaborated on.