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The Undod System was a solar system being the place of origin of the elven race. Created here several thousands years before the Conjunction by the Grigori, Aen Undod prospered and expanded their dominion until their enemies formed an alliance which destroyed the system's binary suns.

Heavenly bodies


  • Feainn
  • TBA

Planets and moons

  • Undod (gas giant)
    • Agd (moon serving as the agricultural centre)
    • Ell (forest-covered moon)
    • Fo Muir (ocean-covered moon)
    • Ghel (ice-covered moon)
    • Luidh (dune-covered moon)
    • Nílf (mist-covered moon)
    • Seidh (hill-covered moon)


  • For now, I'd like to restrict the pre-collapse history of the Multiverse. I have a lot of ideas for an awesome setting, but I'm too occupied with the official wiki and post-Conjunction era here to dig deeper.