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The Caravan Man is a demon of unknown class that appears to be clearly familiar with the arcane forces and events of the World who works behind the scenes of the world for shadowy clients not of the World. He is capable of creating Hollow Men and is willing to work with the Hollow Men of other Demons when it would further his own ends. The Caravan Man is obscenely wealthy but cares not for the money but the power that comes with it.


Sometime in the distant past when the caravan lines started this being came into well, being. He originally appeared to the Gnomes before the Conjunction of the Spheres. Falling into obscurity for awhile after the Conjunction of the Spheres until the Order of the Witchers was created and started taming the continent. The Caravan Man saw his opportunity and started banding together travelling merchants to bring supplies and wealth to human and elven kingdoms alike. He was around during the fall of the Elves and the rise of the Humans. Life with humans was far easier as their greed seemed to know no bounds, The Caravan Man could just appear at caravan companies and buy them from their owners, or if an owner refused to sell would mysteriously agree to days later. The Caravan Man would go on to found the Northern Kingdoms Caravan Company, the largest caravan company on the Continent that would extend its services from Kovir and Poviss down to the Heart of Nilfgaard.



The Caravan Man has no true friends: only employees, clients, enemies and allies.


  • Caravanners of The Northern Kingdoms Caravan Company
  • The Trade Corporation (The Caravan Man heads the organization from the shadows, his underlings do not know he also heads The Northern Kingdoms Caravan Company as well.)
  • Rodolf Kazmer (Though he does not know The Caravan Man is a demon, just that he is unnerving. Rodolf knows The Caravan Man as his Northern Ego, Gemorlo of Sodden.)
  • Isra Hunter (Though he does not know The Caravan Man is a demon, just that he is unnerving. Isra is an employee of the Northern Kingdom Caravan Company and knows The Caravan Man as his Northern Ego, Gemorlo of Sodden.)
  • His Hollow Men servants


  • Yrrhedes ("Demon God")
  • Gaunter O'Dimm (Fellow merchant, occasional rival and client)

Known Enemies

  • Wise Women
  • Witchers
  • Witches

Personality and traits

The Caravan Man gives off a well maintained and amiable persona. He gives the first-impression of a good-natured and charming man. This playful dandyish exterior, however, obscures a much darker side to him - one with high levels of self-importance - and he will not hesitate to use physical violence when others don't act in line with his very particular values or expectations.

The Caravan Man is described as a man (demon) of duality. He values good manners, affability and intelligence very highly in others, and will actively look down on those who do not meet his standards, however he will often play fast and loose with these arbitrary rules in regards to himself and his own conduct. His smiling is also a show of power and dominance, and miserable people are seen by him as weak. He has the habit of answering himself in an almost questioning slow affirmative with the words, 'Yes'sir.' at the end of some of his sentences. He loves to make deals and can be momentarily distracted from tasks by hinting at one. Under his mask though he is a truly apathetic being.

The Caravan Man as he appears in the World on the Continent is a tall, broad shouldered young man with pale skin, slicked back black hair and pale green eyes. He wears fine clothing usually favoring the black and gold Nilfgaardian style and when asked where he is from will say Nilfgaard. He has other forms for far off lands such as the Far East and the Far West, though these forms have not been reported as of yet. He regularly acts as a follower of Nehaleni, the Goddess of travel and divination, claiming that he receives protection and visions from her to insure his safety and success, when really it is his own machinations that cause the results, this religious ruse has led many of his human workers to become worshippers of Nehaleni and through extension him as her 'conduit'.


  • Physical
    • The Caravan Man is inhumanly strong with superior physical strength much more superior to a humans; easily capable of physically overpowering them.
  • Magic
    • Knowledge of Chaos- The Caravan Man is capable of recognizing wards and abilities of the magically inclined, and he respects them, but he does not fear them.
    • Knowledge of the Dark Art- The Caravan Man knows of Necromancy and Goetia, capable of performing the former, his Hollow Men are created with a kind of demonic necromancy actually.
    • Enslavement Magic- The Caravan Man has the ability to enslave those who accept his offer to work for the Caravan and accept a token of his choosing. Making them lose their minds and wills, becoming what The Caravan Man calls 'Company Men.'

      The Lucifuge of the Caravan Man

    • Lucifuge- The Caravan Man is capable of marking those he deals with. With his Lucifuge, or Demon's mark he can use this to track someone wherever they go on a plane but can lose sight of them if they leave the plane via a portal or interplanar teleportation.
    • Disguise- The Caravan Man is capable of Polymorphing into other human forms but rarely does so as he favors his regional form, especially his one for the Continent. He is capable of appearing as different people to multiple people.
    • Deal and Pact making- A deal is a formal agreement, usually one made between a human and a supernatural entity such as The Caravan Man. This does requires consent from both parties. And there are no restrictions on who can make a deal; even children are capable of making a deal with The Caravan Man. The reasons for making a deal vary. For example a deal may allow a human to gain or achieve something not possible by natural means, or it may permit the person to save someone. To complete a deal, something significant must be exchanged. Though the price can be vague and turn out to be something significant. The devil is in the details.
    • Teleportation- The Caravan Man is capable of teleporting himself around the world, via his minions.
    • Hollowing Ritual- The Caravan Man is capable of creating Hollow Men out of human corpses, but their are certain restrictions to their making.


  • Proper magic wards can keep him and those under his control out of warded areas. They cannot see if they manage to get inside a ward or an illusion is presented to them if they cross the threshold of a warded area. Witches and Wisewomen know this knowledge, Mages do not, and as for Witchers some do, and some don't as it is not in most school's teachings but something they can learn from others.
  • Places of Power sicken The Caravan Man through the purified chaos that radiates off them and he usually goes out of his way to avoid them and those who guard them.
  • Leylines, as well as running water such as streams and rivers are capable of barring The Caravan Man's path though he is capable of fording a caravan across streams and shallow rivers on the back of horses or other beasts of burden.
  • True Name: Demons can be summoned via their True Name being chanted five times aloud during a Summoning Ritual. By Ritual of Naming one can discover The Caravan Man's True name is ꝩöꞇᴪöŋƚâչ or as its pronounced in the tongue of man 'Mörkövhâx'.
  • Items of Goetia
    • Bloodstone Dagger- A dagger using for Goetia rituals and for the making of a Goat Skin Mantle.
    • Goat Skin Mantle- A proper made goat skin mantle made via the Goat Skin Mantle ritual when used to summon The Caravan Man renders him unable to harm you or anyone associated with you when you summon him.
    • Unknown distraction object- Each demon type has an item that when presented to them at their summoning makes it easier to bind, distract or deal with them, The Caravan Man does have such a item fascination but it is unknown what it is at present time.
    • Wand of Banishment- Like other demons, The Caravan Man can be temporarily banished back to his own realm for 24 hours by use of a wand of this make, though if he's placed his Lucifuge on his target this is only a temporary measure of escape.
    • True Staff of Binding- Though none have tried to bind him, theoretically one could use a True Staff of Binding to bind The Caravan Man. Though the dangers far outweigh the rewards, it is thought that he would offer his service as a merchant and his vast mercantile empire to his master's service.



  • The Caravan Man is the Demonic Personification of the Caravan Network that makes its way across the world, he goes around and buys out merchant caravan companies, then he manipulates events regarding them in the shadows to his own benefit and the benefit of other dark forces that exist in the shadows of the world. He has vast earthly wealth but does not truly value it.
  • The Caravan Man pretends to be religious, using the cover of the Goddess Nehaleni's grace as a way to explain away any supernatural feats that occur surrounding him.
  • The Caravan Man is based on The Railroad Man from Old Gods of Appalachia on Spotify and Discord and Alastor from Hazbin Hotel.