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Example Usage

An infobox for use on articles about castles, palaces, and other fortified structures.

{{Castle Infobox/Parchment
|title=If you want to make the title different from the page name.
|caption1=A good place for pithy subtitles
|location=Where the structure is
|founded=When it began construction
|completed=When construction finished
|renovated=Years repaired
|battles=Battles which took place there
|abandoned=Year left to deteriorate
|destroyed=Year it was torn down or collapsed
|builders=Who built it
|rulers=Who used it as the seat of their power
|allegiance=What nation(s) did it belong to
|garrison=How many soldiers did it shelter?
|staff=How many servants and other subordinates did it house?
|materials=What was it built of?
|defenses=List any particular defenses it boasted
|amenities=List non-military features

Clean Copy

{{Castle Infobox/Parchment