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Sustor of Redania ( Real name: Sustor Roderick-Turner Hunter), "The Fallen 'Noble' of Iron", or simply Sustor, was a relatively young witcher of the Northern realms, known School of the Bear adept witcher. He was an active Witcher before and following the Second Conjunction of Spheres.


Early life (1221-1226)

Sustor or as he was named when he was born was named Sustor Roderick-Turner Hunter was born to the Hunter family, a noble family of the City of Novigrad, during the first few years of Sustor's life it was assumed that he would be the heir to the family until the witcher Razan of Cintra came calling to settle a debt accrued by the family's patriarch Lord Hunter to the School of the Bear for exterminating a Forktail that was terrorizing a large forest in Lord Hunter's lands. A five year old Sustor was given Razan to be taken to Haern Caduch to be converted into the famed mutated monster slayers, Lord Hunter always honored his word and paid his debts, giving the witcher his eldest child without incident.

Training in Haern Caduch (1226-1236)

His training over the next 10 years at Haern Caduch occurred normally, just like any other Witcher.

During his training Sustor made a friend, with a trainee who would be known as Jag Laittatrson . Sustor and Jag promised to have each other's backs in the future on the path.


The age at which Sustor underwent mutations was 7.

Sustor, was not subjected to extra experiments during his initial trials. He was marked as having poor reactions to the mutations, the witchers and mages in charge of the process were not sure he as going to make it, the process left him emotionally scarred, but he survived and was allowed to proceed in his conversion.


Sustor survived all the trials. Although in the most dangerous trials, he needed a longer recovery time than the others.

The Choice

Sustor was subjected to the Choice, eating the herbs and mushrooms alongside his training, his reaction to the experience was noted as being within the norm of expectations.

Trial of the Grasses

Sustor had trouble with The Trial of the Grasses. Sustor had some normal memories to aid him when taking the seven days of The Trial of the Grasses. 

Trial of the Dreams

After The Trial of the Grasses, he underwent the Trial of the Dreams to mutate his eyes. He showed no issue with the precedure and developed the characteristic amber cat eyes attributed to the witcher sub-race.

Graduation (1236)

March 1236. Sustor graduated with full honors. Thus he officially became a witcher of the School of the Bear. And in that same month, he would leave the school along with his other fellow graduates to start his first year in The Path.

First Hunt: The Fiend (1236)

Following his graduation from the School of the Bear, Sustor went on his first hunt, it was a Relict-class monster, a powerful Fiend controlled by a wise woman had shown up in the city, to attack one of the wise woman's enemies. It turned out to be a particularly hard fight. Sustor called upon all he learned during his training, his defensive training was quite useful in his fight against the the monstrous goat demon-like beast

Sustor receives a child of surprise (1243)

Taking a contract to rescue a man from slavers the man had been on contract as a blacksmith for 8 months to another clan and was about to finish up to head home to his wife when he was taken by skelligen slave traders. The blacksmith's wife put a rescue contract up on the island of Undvik in the Skellige Isles, so happens Sustor was on the island and ended up taking the contract, he ended up slaugthering the slavers and rescuing the man who not having any money promised him a reward via the Law of Surprise. The man was surprised to discover his wife had a child in his absence a daughter named Trode. The man honored his oath giving the witcher his daugther, and the wife gave the witcher a pouch of coin. Sustor having no experience with babies booked passage out of Skellige and made his way to Redania asking his sister Neilva for help raising the baby Trode.

Sustor starts taking Trode with him to contracts (1248)

Once Trode turned five, Sustor ended up taking the girl with him on his contracts, during dangerous hunts he'd have the girl stay with his clients.

Sustor notices Trode interest in the smithing arts (1250)

During one of his more dangerous contracts two years later one of his clients noticed Trode's interest in blacksmithing. The witcher didn't return for several days so the smith thinking the witcher had died took the girl on as an apprentice. He was surprised when the witcher returned alive though tired and filthy from the hunt, Sustor collected his reward and his ward, the client pointed out Trode's interest and suggested that the during his contracts in the future to have her apprentice under a local blacksmith, this is a policy Sustor adopted for the rest of Trode's childhood and the rest of her teenage years.

Sustor is imprisoned for a year (1255)

Because of a false accusation Sustor is imprisoned for a year before the truth comes to light. Sustor made an ally during his time in prison one of the female Soldier/Guard named 'Rina Josephine Akkerman' Sustor saved during a inmate uprising. The two turn out to be really good friends.

Sustor is released from prison (1256)

A 13 year old Trode along with Sustor's sister Neilva met him upon his release. Trode refuses to leave her adopted father's side following this event.

Sustor and Trode explore a ruin (1260)

The witcher and ward pair explored a ruin, hunting a monster through a large and complex ruin. Along the way Sustor found something useful in the monster's lair a Dwarven Cloak.

Sustor befriends a Oxenfurt Professor (1271)

While drinking at The Alchemy Sustor started drinking with Jasper Bekker, a male professor at Oxenfurt Academy. Sustor and Jasper got drunk together and hit it off.


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  • Jag Laittatrson (Friend and fellow witcher)
  • Trode Hunter (Adopted daughter and travelling companion)
  • Jasper Bekker (Oxenfurt Professor)

Known Enemies

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Personality and Traits

Standing 6' 0" tall, this young-looking pale skinned man has a very passive-aggressive feel about him.

Though he's 50 years old he looks to be in his early twenties.
He has a lean face with a rounded jaw, a pointed nose, and narrow lips. His amber eyes are big, his sclera have turned black and he has angular eyebrows.
He has medium-length, greasy, black hair which is un-styled.
He has toned arms, a short torso with chiselled abs, wide hips, and long legs.
He has a bear claw pattern tattoo covering his face, and a tattoo that read, 'Never forgive, never forget' covering his right ankle.

Religious Beliefs

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  • Swordsmanship: Like most Bears, Sustor was trained in both swordsmanship and axemanship.
  • Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Like other witchers, Sustor learned to protect himself without his swords, able to defeat multiple armed opponents while being unarmed. His enhanced strength and knowledge of both humanoid and monster anatomy allows Sustor a better chance unarmed than most people able to shatter humanoid bones and use monstrous momentum against large monsters to throw them to the ground.
  • Crossbowmanship: While it wasn't a weapon he was originally trained in, Sustor adapted to the use of crossbows to hunt monsters. He used his enhanced senses to make highly accurate shots like at a distance or in pitch darkness.
  • Witcher mutations:
    • Sterility: A common condition resulting from the witcher conversion process
    • Cat-like eyes that grant very acute nightvision - witchers can constrict their pupils to see in blinding light or open them to see in near pitch darkness. This nightvision can be further enhanced with the cat potion, but in general, it is good enough by itself to not require further enhancement. Their entire sensory system is overall enhanced, allowing them to identify the species of animal from the scent of their blood, and detect nearby beings even when out of sight.
    • Tremendous resistance to disease (which functions in most cases as complete immunity) and a boosted immune system, allowing them to consume large quantities of potions that could prove easily deadly if consumed even in small amounts by a normal man.
    • Exceptionally enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, and endurance, far beyond any normal or well-trained human, that allows them to swiftly end fights with minimal effort, and perform physical feats non-witchers couldn't hope to match. A witcher's physical skills alone are sufficient to defeat most monsters single-handedly if combined with extensive training and proper weaponry, whereas regular men could only hope to accomplish this in large groups. Witchers have also been shown to shrug off hits that would normally render normal men unconscious. Additionally, they have been known to survive the strikes of powerful monsters such as giants, or other beings possessing herculean strength, that would otherwise kill others with a single blow. Its generally thought a witcher is 10x stronger than a normal man.
    • Having the ability to perform simple yet incredibly versatile combat magic in the form of signs. They also develop a sixth sense that allows them to "feel" things around them, be it items of importance or people's immediate intentions. This explains their uncanny ability to track and hunt people and monsters.
    • Accelerated healing granting quick recovery from injuries. While not instant healing a witcher's healing time is highly unusual taking a fraction of the time to heal as well as surviving more deadly wounds possible. For example when slashed in the neck by a Striga's talons the famed witcher Geralt of Rivia it only took him a few days to heal before he was back on The Path.
    • Incredibly long lifespan and prolonged youth. While each witcher is different a witcher's known life expectancy is varied as they usually died in battle, it might be possible that witcher's are semi-immortal like mages.
  • Signs
    • AardAard is a simple magical sign that draws from the Plane of Air or the Astral Plane (Research has so far been inconclusive about the type of Chaos particularly) that is used by witchers. The Aard sign is a simple magical sign used by witchers that directs a blast of telekinetic energy to stagger opponents, leaving them open for a subsequent attack. Aard can also blow out any existing fires, blast open poorly secured doors, or punch through cracked or damaged walls.
      • Aard Alternate Form- Sweep: Aard's alternate form turns it into a bubble of telekinetic energy that focuses around the witcher and expands outward with destructive force.
    • Igni: The Igni sign is a simple magical signs that draws from the Plane of Fire that is used by witchers and causes a burst of fire that can repel and ignite opponents, as well as start fires.
      • Igni Alternate Form- Firestream: Igni's alternate form turns the burst of fire into a sustained stream of sparks and flames.
    • Quen: The Quen sign is a simple magical sign used by witchers that draws from the Plane of Earh to form a protective field around the caster. Quen's basic ability is to cover a witcher in a basic shield that absorbs a limited amount of damage.
      • Quen Alternate Form- Active Shield: Quen's alternate form creates a bubble of protective energy to form around the witcher it is stronger than the original form but is more draining on the witcher and requires them to remain in place.
    • Yrden: The Yrden sign is a simple magical sign used by witchers that draws from the Astral Plane to form a circular, magical trap. The trap triggers a certain number of times when traversed by a foe, causing knock back, damage, and a chance of inflicting ailments on its targets Most foes that wander into the ring are significantly slowed, though some monsters are unaffected by it. Yrden is one of the witchers best tools for controlling multiple enemies in melee range. It's also particularly valuable for witchers when up against noonwraiths and nightwraiths, who remain incorporeal most of the time unless caught within a Yrden circle.
      • Yrden Alternate Form- Magic Trap: Yrden's alternate form creates a stationary glyph of magical energy that strikes at and slows down hostile forces within a certain radius, as well as destroys and projectiles that happen to pass through that radius. Multiple Magic Traps can be placed down at once by experienced witchers.
    • Axii: The Axii sign is a simple magical sign used by witchers that draws power from the Plane of Water that can charm an opponent's mind to stun them, temporarily eliminating them from combat. However, the stun effect disappears after seven seconds or when the target receives harmed. This sign can be used by witchers to calm their mounts or on people to gain information or benefits. This sign can usually only affect one person at a time and its effects are visible to other people in the vicinity.
      • Axii Alternate Form- Puppet: Axii's alternate sign forces an enemy to temporarily become an ally and fight on your side during a conflict for a short time as well as boosting their physical abilities for the duration of the conversion.
  • Alchemy
    • Brewing: The skill to make and consume witcher potions
      • Witcher Potions- Using alchemy Sustor is able to brew potions which have calculated effects on witchers but are toxic to most other mortals.
      • Witcher Decoctions- Using alchemy Sustor is a able to brew decoctions which are a stronger type of witcher potion often using monster parts as ingredients, and have stronger effects. Only a few decoctions at a time can be used at once as they are much stronger than conventional witcher potions.
    • Oil Preparation: The skill to create oils that can be applied to swords.
      • Weapon Oils- Using the alchemical process and using dog or bear fat as a base Sustor is able to brew oils to coat his swords in to deal more damage to certain types of being and creatures.
    • Bomb Creation: A witcher trained skillset that enables the creation of handheld bombs that can be thrown at enemies.
      • Bombs- Using witchers use different effect bombs for destroying monster nests and in combat.
    • Mutation: A witcher skillset that enables the extraction of mutagens from the corpses of powerful monsters. Witchers use these to grant their bodies new abilities.
      • Mutagens: Using their skills a witcher can remove monster body parts that contain concentrated monster mutagenic materials
    • Trial of the Grasses: Mutations that lets witchers withstand the toxicity of potions that would kill normal people.


  • Witcher's Bear Medallion: Sustor's witcher medallion.
  • Hindarsfjall Heavy Armor: A skelligen themed armor consisting of heavy chain down to the knees with hardened leather under it and studded leather over the top and a thick kidney belt.
  • Hindarsfjall Heavy Chausses: Trousers made of chain in skelligen style.
  • Dwarven Cloak: Well known for being excellent traveling cloaks and good armor. It is made of leather, but treated with a special dwarven technique that not only makes hard armor, as well as waterproof. 
  • Berzerker's Axe: A skelligen runic etched style bearded battle axe.
  • Hand crossbow: A small 'pistol' style crossbow that can be fired one-handed and easily reloaded. A similar model was used by School of the Crane witchers during their first years in the Western Continent.
    • Bolt quiver: A quiver of crossbow bolts of various types that Sustor uses to hunt monsters and the occasional human.
  • Bomb pouch: A pouch which Sustor keeps his supply of bombs in.
  • Sustor's Horse w/calvary saddle and military saddlebags
    • Alchemy Set: A kit containing numerous bottles, and other brewing equipment for use in alchemy.
    • Enhanced Ursine Steel Sword: A rather plain looking longsword it features an S-shaped crossguard, a green thread wrapped handle and a circular pommel featuring a roaring bear head.
    • Enhanced Ursine Silver Sword: It has a similar look to the steel sword but features a bear head on the pommel, and a jagged handguard at a 45o angle typical of silver sword designs.
    • Silver chain : Used to combat and bind monsters such as strigas, and werewolves.
    • Tent: Sustor keeps a tent for when he and Trolde are away from towns and villages.
    • Bedrolls (x2): Sustor keeps two bedrolls in his possession for himself and his ward Trolde.

The Witcher TRPG Stats

Stats: INT- 6, REF- 10, DEX- 5, BODY- 6, SPD- 6, EMP- 4, CRA- 9, WILL- 7, LUCK- 10

Abilities: Witcher Training (1)

Skills: Awareness +1, Deduction +1, Common Speech/Nordling +8, Wilderness Survival +1, Dodge/Escape +1, Swordsmanship +1, Athletics +1, Alchemy +1, Spell Casting +1.


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