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The Selkie Maw also known as Selkiemore is a monster that can be found in the water bodies ( Like frozen lakes ) of the northernmost parts of the Northern Kingdoms and the Far North.


While hardly anyone has seen a selkiemore, folk tales describe it as giant beasts with thousands of teeth that line a mouth capable of swallowing entire villages.

While in fact selkiemores are just plankton feeders, fear of them may lead people to hire a witcher to deal with them. One such beast was slain by famous Geralt of Rivia, who managed to cut his way out of the creature's interior after being swallowed.


  • Selkie Maw is creature only mentioned in The Witcher Neftlix TV series.
  • The way it is drawn by Declan de Barra, selkiemore resembles a falak, the cave-dwelling creature from The Witcher: Of Flesh and Flame comic book. The falak is however depicted as evidently predatory creature rather than misunderstood plankton feeder.
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