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The School of the Wyvern was a "school" of ragtag witchers and a splinter faction of the School of the Dragon. which existed in the Okami Islands for a short period of time and provoked the Draconid Uprising in the year 1150.


With an origin very similar to that of the School of the Cat in the Northen Kingdoms, the School of the Wyvern was born after the union of several witchers of the School of the Dragon considered failed, which had been condemned to exile and were led by Ikehara Aku Who, with their help, would found this school for those whom the dragons did not consider valid.

The great difference, with respect to the cats, is that to this school, only the failed ones marched, not the witchers that had committed crimes or had lost the honor.

These would found a separate school, which would be the School of the Slyzard which would provoke the Second Draconid Uprising shortly thereafter.


As mentioned before the School of the Wyvern was founded for the failed witchers of the School of the Dragon and led Ikehara Aku.

Not much is known about it, not even the dragons know information about them until the time of their destruction, most information are local legends.

It is known that it was founded at some point in the year 1120 and that they settled in the ruins of Khonuur Zao Castle formerly part of the Sewa Clan. Where they established their school.

In the year 1150, the Draconid Uprising took place, which led to the confrontation between the witchers of the School of the Wyvern and the witchers of the School of the Dragon.

The reasons for this uprising are uncertain, but it is said that the emperor wanted to eliminate the wyverns, as he saw them as a danger to maintain power and provoked them to rise up in arms (unlike the dragons who are on the government side). Although others say, it actually happened because the wyverns wanted to kill the dragons and replace them like the slyzards during the Second Draconid Uprising ( Although this last seems rather improbable, due to the characteristics that they possessed )

What is known is that this uprising caused their extinction.


They really were very similar in their characteristics to the witchers of the School of the Dragon. What characterized them most were their strong emotions, of which the dragons lack.

Unlike the dragons, they didn't have a moral code. But that didn't mean they didn't have a philosophy or a way of life. Since they did, their vision of seeing the world coincided very much with Philosophical Romanticism raised by some nilfgaardians philosophers during the time of the Republic.

Besides that unlike the dragons, they were much more individualistic and they did possess a principle of neutrality Which the slyzards also lacked, who acted more like mercenaries.

In some ways, their behavior was reminiscent of that of the School of the Fox witchers.

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  • One of the legends surrounding the witcher Oda was that of his participation against the Draconids Uprising.
  • Ikehara Aku is a reference to Aku, the main antagonist of the Samurai Jack animated series.


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