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The School of the Wolf was a school of witchers headquartered at Kaer Morhen in Kaedwen. It was founded in the year 980 by Barmin and was officially dissolved in the winter of 1272 following the death of the witcher Vesemir. The School is succeeded by its splinter groups the School of the Fox and later the School of the Lynx.


Before the Pogrom ( Prior 1170 )

Foundation by Barmin (1000)

The Order of Witchers had almost completely splintered, only a small group of witchers remained in its keep after the third group of witchers had left to build their own school. These last witchers led by Barmin left Morgraig and travelled east. They decided to settle in the north in the caves of the Morhen Valley. Barmin makes it the school's intention of creating a well-rounded and trained, truly professional Witcher.

Kaer Morhen Pogrom (1170)

A massive attack on Kaer Morhen by an enraged mob led by a group of mages and priests who used propaganda to whisk dissent for the profession into a frenzy. Most of the witchers present at the keep were killed. Though the pogrom was condemned, the school never regained its full functionality.

Witcher Tournament (1210s -1220s)

King Radowit II however, under the influence of his court mage Astrogarus and druids, perceived revival of the witcher schools as a threat to his rule. His manipulations made master Treyse of the Cats engage in a plot against the Wolves – during the Witcher Tournament, he and some of the students under his influence ambushed the unaware Wolves. After most of the Wolves died, the King ordered soldiers to kill the Cats as well.

Dealing with Eskel's Child Surprise (1232)

In the fall of 1232, Geralt decided to return to Kaer Morhen early but along the way, his horse was killed by wolves, and he encountered several Caingornese camps. He stopped at one to meet Prince Merwin Ademeyn and the sorceress Sabrina Glevissig, as well as the dwarf Merton Bringgs. They had a proposition for Geralt but before Sabrina could discuss it, a pack of wolves attacked them. After they were killed, Geralt then talked to Sabrina who discussed the symptoms of the Curse of the Black Sun, who eventually turned the conversation to Merwin's sister, Deidre Ademeyn, who was in Kaer Morhen and having been born during an eclipse. Sabrina asked Geralt to retrieve her from the keep so she could give Deidre to the Council of Mages to be studied, and hopefully find a cure to the curse.

As Geralt left the tent, he was approached by Merwin, who showed him a scroll from King Henselt of Kaedwen, who told him that Merwin was under the protection of Kaedwen and anyone defying Merwin defied the kingdom. Shortly after in the woods Geralt met Lambert, who had just killed some wolves and explained that Merton Bringgs and his group of dwarves had tried to enter the keep, but Lambert caught them. As Geralt entered the keep, he found Vesemir who informed him that Deidre had returned a couple days earlier, running from her envious brother and an evil sorceress, and that Eskel had told him that Deidre was actually his surprise child from about 20 years ago. Vesemir then told Geralt to go look for Eskel.

Geralt soon found Eskel, who explained how Deidre had become his surprise child, but ultimately hadn't decided if he should hand her over to Sabrina or not. The two then made their way back to Vesemir, who decided the 4 should vote on it, with it coming down to Geralt's choice as Eskel chose to trust whatever his fellow witcher decided.

Geralt and Eskel convinced Deidre to go with them to the camp where the prince and the sorceress were. Once there though, despite Deidre agreeing she'd give up any claim to the throne and any titles and estates like her brother wanted, Sabrina then tried to have Merton arrest her. In the ensuing chaos, Deidre struck Eskel, causing deep facial scars, and killed Merton with her sword but Sabrina escaped through a portal. The witchers then entered a fight with Merwin's group before Geralt followed Deidre into Sabrina's tent where he found Deidre, Sabrina, and Merwin. Merwin asked Geralt to kill Deidre, but she pleaded for her life saying she didn't mean to hurt Eskel. Geralt then tried to convince Deidre to let her anger towards Sabrina and her brother go, as that was best for everyone.

Geralt made Sabrina leave: Geralt told the sorceress that her magic was useless and that she should just leave, which she did. Merwin and Deidre forgave each other and left for Caingorn.

The rest of the winter at Kaer Morhen passed more peacefully and Geralt left come spring to continue his trade.

Extinction (Aka The Battle of Kaer Morhen)

The School was ultimately abandoned following the death of Vesemir at the hands of the Wild Hunt General Imlerith, the members Geralt of Rivia, Eskel, and Lambert attended the funeral.

The following winter Adalwulf of Aedirn came to the keep to winter with his companions, he came upon Letho of Gulet who explained the other members decision to dissolve the school and about Vesemir's death. It was one of the only moments when Adalwulf let his emotions show, he paid respects to the veteran Witcher and spent the rest of the winter in the keep thinking about the future of his kind.


Witchers of the school of the Wolf focused on honing their sword skills above all else and having even skill sets overall, the primary sword style taught and practiced at Kaer Morhen the Temerian Devil was devised by Temerian landsknechts, simple men. It is a style that works best against heavy, armored opponents and did the most damage out of the three school shared witcher sword styles.

The school had plans for a set of rank based medium weight armor made of leather, chainmail and eventually pieces of plate armor to help future witchers on the path this project was run by the witcher Elgar, though few if any got to actually wear the armor as he died before circulating the armor through the school. Adalwulf of Aedirn as well as the famed Geralt of Rivia wore their school armor at one point during their careers. The former made a point to wear his until the fall of his school as a sign of loyalty to his wolven family.

The swords of the school such as the silver sword featured an intricate pommel of two serpentine wolf heads which intertwine around each other while the steel sword featured a round pommel and the guard which eventually turns into a twisted S guard.

The mutations at Kaer Morhen since the most is known about the school than any other school, were considered to be the average for witcher mutations until further research was done by researchers.

In essence Wolves operated differently to the solo working bears and would occasionally team up with their brothers/sisters on contracts, and were received a little better than the Bears but not as well as the Griffins.


  • Wolven School Gear

Known members



  • Chassalla [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]
  • Veseldre [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]
  • Nili [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]
  • Ceirdrih [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]
  • Wildezan [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]
  • Irsin [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]


  • Dagobert Sulla [ Status unknown ]
  • Laran [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]
  • Voskold [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]
  • Freldde Meengenir [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]
  • Vercurt [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]
  • Joran Lart [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]
  • Vedrod Gule [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]
  • Vincent [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]


  • Ciri [ Status unknown ]
  • Coën† [ Died at the Battle of Brenna ]
  • Triss Merigold
  • Yennefer of Vengerberg [ Status unknown ]
  • Ralezi Detz [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]
  • Itran Grynkerild [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]
  • Nydrena [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]
  • Rart [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]
  • Ethas [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]
  • Mardaidor [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]
  • Aitern [ Unknown status, presumed dead ]

Differences to other Witcher Schools

  • The Wolves ran training exercised where blunt crossbow bolts were fired at witchers so they could learn to parry them with their swords.


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