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The School of the Waheela was a witcher school located in the Far North. More specifically, in Ainuk. Formed from two rebel factions of witchers from the School of the Wolf and the School of the Bear. The witchers of this school became the protectors of the Grand Duchy, for two centuries until its extinction at the beginning of the 13th century.

The reason for its extinction is unknown. But there is speculation that a Haaki attack on their fortress may have caused this. It is rumored that the survivors of that supposed massacre dispersed throughout The Continent, joining other schools.









Differences with the Wolf, Dragon and the Bear School

The main difference with the School of Dragon. Even with government funding, they could be considered independent. Since another part of their income came from their contracts. This allowed them to be independent in times when bad dukes ruled the territory.

With respect to the Bears, they were characterized by sharing the aspect of a very defensive armor, but unlike these, possessing very deep bonds of union between witchers, in addition to mutagens that allowed them to possess a little more strength than the average witcher. Making their armor easier to wear.

Although it is only a rumor. It is said that these witchers, in their time, were the most united among them.

And regarding The Wolves. It has to do with their training, similar in many respects, it is said that because of the harsh conditions of the duchy. These witchers had to be very prepared or they would not make it. But that of the Waheelas, was much more extensive, complex and lasted more years.

Influences on later witcher schools and reconstructed witcher schools (14th century)


Known Witchers

  • Anika [ Founder ]
  • Kyrilo
  • Peresvi of Ainuk
  • Ruthen
  • Sudzal
  • Koloma
  • Mikula of Nogor
  • Ratmir of the Islands

Known druids

  • Prescana

Others / Allies

  • Sadko


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  • Many of the names of members of this school are direct references to the Bogatyrs. The idea is that these witchers are like their counterparts