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School of the Siren was a school of witchers headquartered at Speur Mara in the Tuathasgia Mountains in the Far North.




The Siren School was a witcher school uniquely and coincidentally compromised entirely of female witchers. Due to their physiology, the witcheresses of the Siren School couldn't handle the same mutations as their male counterparts. Instead, they were given various potions and mutagens tailored to their physiology. While they maintained the witchers' signature cat-like eyes, longevity and sterility, their physical strength, endurance and speed were significantly weaker.

As a trade-off though, they found that they were not only much more agile and flexible (likely due to their natural body structure), but they could also see in a much wider color spectrum than regular witchers. Their sense of hearing were also significantly sharper than their male counterparts. As result of these, their sense of perception and tracking abilities were significantly superior.

To counteract the disadvantage of their slightly weaker bodies, the Siren School witcheresses developed unique fighting and hunting techniques. Their fighting style consisted of charging in to deliver quick debilitating strikes followed by parrying or dodging away from the enemy. Like actual sirens, these witcheresses were also experts at luring enemies to their doom. They were well known for their masterwork and heavy use of lures and traps to catch monsters of guard and deal the killing blow. They were also adept at brewing various monster pheromone potions, allowing them to blend among or attract monsters depending on the potion's concentration.

They also practiced monster calls, the art of imitating monster noises in order to garner a response and possibly attract monsters to their location, where they lay ready to spring their traps. They also knew how to craft horns that could imitate monsters sounds that human and non-human vocal chords couldn't possibly reproduce. They would sometimes use wind soaring to chase flying monsters down mountains and their armor was designed with this specifically in mind.


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