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The School of the Rhino was a witcher school located in the Far South focused on extremely offensive techniques.


Unlike other schools, rhinos do not use swords but maces and hammers. A steel mace for non - magical creatures and a silver hammer for magical creatures.

They also didn't use heavy, medium or light armor like other schools. Their armour simply protected the essentials of combat. They preferred to focus more on a powerful attack that would end the combat quickly than an armor that would protect but lengthen it too much.

One of their big differences, with other witchers from other schools. It lies in certain aspects of their mutations, since these make them slower than the common witcher (instead of being 10 times faster than the common man, they are 5 times faster than the common man).

But this is compensated with a much more resistant skin and a regeneration more powerful than that of the common witcher.



The rhinos come from a schism produced in the early days of the Bear School. Since, there were divisions about what the school should focus on. At that time there were two groups, those who preferred only defense and those who preferred attack and defense. The latter would later abandon the school and march south, later founding what would become the School of Rhino. After one of them faced this creature in one of Tenoch's gladiatorial arenas.

Fall of the School

Since their found, the presence of rhinoceroses was well received both in Tenoch, Zangvebar, North Apumayu Basin and Hannu, with the exception of Mejays and Hannu priests who would years later attack the Rhinos' fortress so they'd kill them and the witchers wouldn't "take away the job."

The attack on the fortress was effective and many witchers died in the process. Although not as many as in the Kaer Morhen Massacre. But the fortress was so damaged that the school could not be rebuilt again. Remaining so, the school officially extinct.

Known witchers 

  • Athol Forry ( Founder )
  • Padde Ruairi
  • Sen Sìleas
  • Mandla
  • Haris of Tenoch
  • Jatau
  • Suarnel
  • Leimne
  • Streskuand
  • Zanock (Was reformed and integrated into the School of the Fox)
  • Reivuld
  • Drarkusreis
  • Krokralt
  • Zovendlak
  • Timnelme
  • Strensan
  • Talako of Huax
  • Pilirani Anan
  • Oluwatoyin of Zangvebar
  • Berhanu (Was reformed and integrated into the School of the Fox)
  • Eser Deniz
  • Bidziil of Tarascan
  • Citlalli Jaci
  • Yolotli Lishan
  • Meztli of Gondar
  • Yolot Jaci of Mekele


  • This school is based in this idea of the following subreddit of R/Witcher