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"One man from Benek swears upon his life he once saw a Witcher summoning a swarm of rats out of thin air, but that’s just ridiculous, the man was probably drunk as hell and took a trick of some travelling performer a bit too serious".
―- Anonymous

The School of the Rat is a supposed "school" of ragtag witchers who would supposedly be based in a travelling circus, named Rye Barknor which would travel around The Continent.


Littleis known about the School of the Rat, all the information are considered legends, rumors at most.

Supposedly, the origin of the School of the Rat comes from a schism produced at the School of the Cat, during the time they were stationed at the Stygga Citadel.

It is said that their rat-shaped head medallions are a symbol of the total opposition to the cats. Who they consider inferior, just like the other witcher schools.

Adepts of the School of the Rat are highly trained not only in combat, alchemy, sign magic and monster fighting, but also in the art of stealth and infiltration. Because of that the richest and most influential of this world often try to seek them out to offer positions of agents, spies or even assassins. 

It has been rumored that only eight witchers of that School exist at the given time and only if one of them falls the new candidate is carefully searched out and taken in for the training. This has never been confirmed either.

Folk also whisper that witchers from the School of the Rat are experts in the trap making and explore occult and dark magic, but this is most likely just a rumor as well.


Even if they're enemies of the School of the Cat. These share certain characteristics with this one. Such as a fighting style focusing on speed, precision, agility, in addition to stealth. They have light equipment  designed to maximize flexibility and provide the greatest possible range of motion and allow it a great infiltration capacity.

It is rumored,that also, as well as their enemies, members of the Rat School are flexible in terms of morals and politics.


Similar to the Viper School witchers. It is rumored that the witchers of the School of the Rat use swords with similar blades, maybe a little larger to finish off their objectives.

But, there is a quite interesting rumor / speculation about this topic, which was included in "Chronicles of the East" book published by Fabio Sachs about the year 1291.

In one of his sections,in which the witcher and the explorer's best friend, Putnam Pitch writes, mentioning the events that took place in Hannu, the following is said:

When I faced the unknown witcher who tried to kill the expedition, I could see for an instant how he used a small dagger, with inscriptions on what I believe was Elder Speech . I speculate, based on the rumors I later heard about the school he might belong to, that that dagger he tried to use, was a kind of initiation dagger used to kill small monsters or certain targets before using that swords similar to the swords of the vipers that he then confronted me with before he ran away.
Putnam Pitch , Chronicles of the East, Chapter V, " About the events on the land of the Gods Kings "


It is said that due to their exploration of dark magic, rats know very powerful signs. Unknown even to the witchers of the Griffin School. But like everything else, they're just rumors.


It is also said that some members travelled to the distant land of the Okami Islands and there developed new bombs, based on those used by the ninjas.


It is rumored that the School of the Rat possesses a unique type of witcher medallion, which makes them invisible to the enemy's eye.

Known members


  • Corvo
  • Ayco
  • Bengel
  • Dill
  • Drensei
  • Giku
  • Adrend
  • Aicoll
  • Steoryull
  • Ellek
  • Eisbar
  • Fronx
  • Havoc
  • Jugurtha
  • Pemulwuy


Corvo, art by coupleofkooks