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The School of the Owl was a witcher school headquartered on Inis Kharab near Heluland. Another of its quarters was Glaux, a ship traveling across the Great Lake.


When witchers of the Wolf took Kaer Morhen, some of them, especially those connected with the Griffin School, felt it was unlawful. They left Hertch and joined Skelliger expeditions to the east. There, they met the Skrælings, the indigenous population. Some of Skræling shamans decided to support the monster fighters, and joined the school in place of the mages left in Kaedwen.


First years

The first few years of school were complicated. Above all, due to the adaptation to the new terrain and the transfer of knowledge of the only sorcereress who marched with the witchers who left Kaer Morhen. In addition to some conflicts that arose with the shamans at first, until they realized the threat the monsters posed.

Many died during the early years, so much so that the school was even about not to be founded.

Until the witchers of the School of the Owl, received the support of the rulers of Vinland and Vespaden. Who helped them in the creation of Inis Kharab and Glaux ( Who before the decadence of the school, served in a similar way to the Summer Camp of the School of the Wolf ) in addition to convincing the shamans to give their support to the witchers after the death of the sorceress who possessed the knowledge of mutations.

Witcher Tournament

The School of the Owl was invited to participate in the tournament along with the other schools. Where they suffered a lot of casualties, once the event became violent, all this while helping and protecting the Griffin School witchers so they could escape.

In gratitude, the Griffin School, invited many of them to join their school, which many accepted. It could be said, that at that point, its decadence began, when it was partially absorbed, in a certain way, by the Griffins.


Its decline would continue when the anti-mutant policies of the Dukes of Vinland and Vespaden entered into action. What led them to suffer a pogrom in Inis Kharab in 1210. With the death of many shamans in the process, the procedure for mutating new kids into witchers was lost. Which considerably reduced their numbers and forced them to move to Glaux.


The school combines combat techniques of Skelligers, Skrælings and Nordlings with the urge of collecting knowledge – not the mere scientific one, as the Griffins do, but the spiritual, mythical one as well. There are more like Skræling shamans than Nordling mages or knights.

They wear mostly white wool clothes and light-colored leather, fitting the northern climate.


Their swords are similar to the swords of the Wolf School. But much simpler, with owl heads instead of wolf heads.


The big difference with other schools. It is that their signs, are more powerful, due to the way to canalize the magic, taught by the shamans.


His potions share similarities with the potions that every witcher has with the great difference, that those used by the witchers of the School of the Owl, can get to have hallucinogenic effects, that in the case of the owls increase what is necessary to the maximum. For example, the version of the cat potion of this school, allows them to have the vision of an owl at the moment of fighting monsters. They also have unique potions, intended for the terrain in which they move.

Unique Mutations 

Developed by the shamans, with the knowledge brought from the first witchers of the Wolf School the mutations of the School of the Owl, are characterized by an increase of their resistance, to extreme climates. Both cold and extremely hot.

In addition to certain improvements in their bodies, which allow them to stay up to two months without eating or drinking water, at most.

Known members


  • Lakon of Heluland
  • Leif
  • Thorvald
  • Vuanhuy
  • Duistrald
  • Streonell
  • Domrad
  • Omei
  • Oveid
  • Drualtu
  • Griko
  • Dredreic
  • Medas
  • Eeza
  • Lethman
  • Kutna
  • Hiavand
  • Bruanhis
  • Lirsairveir
  • Tarnunzec
  • Thusa
  • Chuigal
  • Irvak
  • Heftal
  • Balamber
  • Elak
  • Ruga
  • Magni
  • Calgaco
  • Rollo
  • Ove of Heluland
  • Bo
  • Vidar
  • Kerr
  • Somerled of Vinland


  • Alena
  • Trond
  • Dialnoh
  • Lagus
  • Sani
  • Breggegue
  • Yiala
  • Kusath
  • Fuaffiazei
  • Rune
  • Sif of Kovir
  • Valdis
  • Gleb


  • Minerva
  • Unnr
  • Maevae
  • Dholle
  • Valvah
  • Andor
  • Groa
  • Kali
  • Saxa



  • Lakon of Heluland, legendary witcher from the School of the Owl appears on one of Kaer Morhen's murals, fighting serpents.