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School of the Lynx was a witcher school found in 1273 by Joël, Gaetan, Dragonfly, Lambert and Keira Metz after they attempt to retake Dyn Marv Caravan from Nilfgaardian soldiers.


The Lynx School appeared shortly after the official extinction of the School of the Wolf, when its remaining members, among them the notables Eskel, Geralt of Rivia and Lambert separated after Vesemir's death. 

One, continuing his work as the last active member of the School of the Wolf, Eskel marching east (Some rumors indicate that he ended up joining the School of the Manticore) and Lambert, marching south, together with his lover Keira Metz in search of a new life. 

It also appeared, due to the intention of the veteran cat witchers to recover the caravan that was their school, which had been captured by soldiers. 


The school as such, arose after a brief chat between the other members of the Cat School, Lambert and Keira Metz, who after a chance meeting, decided to join forces to recover the caravan. Lambert's motivations were clear, to honor his friend Aiden and to have his legacy somehow continue. 

After that talk, he was named leader by the other members of the Cat's School, and Lambert had an idea and decided to reform the school. This being the third and most radical reform. Which transformed the School of the Cat into the School of the Lynx.  

Immediately after that, the reconstruction and reconstitution of the school would begin. With Lambert as leader and Dragonfly, in case Lambert for some reason was not present and vice versa. 

With Keira's help, for the recovery of mutagens and so on. This research carried out by the sorceress, led to find the cure for the Catriona Plague, due to the immunity that witchers possess. 

Second Witcher Tournament (1290 )

By 1290, the school was fully operational and producing witchers again. Which had to deal with the infamous legacy of their predecessors, which led their leader, Lambert, to organise a second witchers' tournament to show the other schools that the infamous cats no longer existed and that a new era had begun for them. A new era, in which they weren't the psychopaths of yesteryear. 

By this year, Keira Metz had already left her position as a school mage, due to sentimental problems with Lambert, but had quickly been replaced by Perignon.

 The tournament was held in the ruins of Kaer Morhen, where members of all the then extant schools attended, with the exception of the witchers of the School of the Rat.  

The tournament was won by the remaining School of the Owl witchers.

But Lambert's intention, which was to demonstrate the change he had achieved by leading the reformed cats, was demonstrated. This made him regain the respect of the other schools, with the exception of the Griffin School, which still did not trust them.

The New Continent ( 1310 )

By this time, the colonization of the Western Continent would begin, which would lead to school, due to the fact of being mobile to move to those territories to help, facing the unknown monsters of that territory. Thus becoming the first school to establish itself in the New World. Earning them more respect and almost regaining the prestige that the wolves had in the past. 

Settling in what would later become the territory of Fabiola.

Lambert, Circa 1350



Lynx School witchers as well as their equipment do not deal a lot of raw damage, but can inflict deadly critical hits. By extension, their gear was designed to maximize flexibility and provide the greatest possible range of motion. Similar to its predecessor, the School of the Cat.

Combat Style 

The Lynxs developed fighting styles focusing on speed, precision, and agility. Similar to its predecessor, the School of the Cat.


Long time after its founding, the School of the Lynx would include early versions of the guns in its monster-fighting equipment.

Known members 




  • Adolar Wagner
  • Perignon
  • Franz Kniprode


  • It is rumored that some failed witchers from the School of the Lynx, after being expelled, reattempted to resurrect the School of the Cat in the Old Continent, but this is just a rumor and there is nothing confirmed.