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The School of the Leshen is a supposed "school" of witchers whose origins are shrouded in mystery. Was a witcher school founded by members of the School of the Griffin . Located in the Kestrel Mountains.


Little is known about the School of the Leshen, rumored to have been found by the Witcher George who was named after the famous George of Kagen.

It is said that their Leshen-shaped head medallions are a symbol of the total opposition to the cats. Who they consider inferior, just like the other witcher schools.

It is rumored that their extinction was due to their support of the Brokilon dryads. Which led them to suffer a pogrom financed by different governments because they didn't want to kill them despite all the gold they were offered.


As far as we know. Leshens are characterized as a more nature based/archery version of the griffins. Focusing as much on survival and archery as they can.


The armor that members of this school wear is designed to include aspects of the monster this school is named after: there is wolf fur padding under many different areas of the armor as well as magically strengthened wood protecting the torsos of this school's members. This wood was said to have been developed using methods derived from the Dryad's great knowledge of the arcane and nature. When on the path the Witchers of this school take on the guise of being a ranger and sometimes even use bows though they disagree with the use of crossbows.  


Like other Schools of witchers they have access to a steel and silver sword respectively. They are decorated at the ends with Leshen/horned elements on the pommels.


This School is trained in the use of traps, such as pitfalls and such.


The School of the Leshen possesses a Leshen witcher medallion, which unknown to others, allows them safe passage through Brokilon Forest.

Notable members

  • Witcher George [ Founder ]
  • Irwin
  • Dawin of Gulet
  • Lelec
  • Rusel
  • Merian of Temeria
  • Menzie
  • Susock
  • Sobeold
  • Lemreiy
  • Rokeld
  • Biestrua
  • Zilcaakra
  • Straitrakuik
  • Keonab
  • Ugeerein
  • Sersibi
  • Artio of Kovir
  • Sevan
  • Nertus
  • Saruma of Kerack
  • Noken of Lyria


  • Most of its members are references to famous naturalists or gods of nature.
  • This school is based in the School of the Leshen of the WitcherGeorge video.