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The School of the Hawk was a witcher school and splinter faction of the School of the Griffin located somewhere in the territory of Gemmera.


The School of the Hawk, it emerged as a schism within the Griffin School in its early days by a faction that felt that the school should evolve and not try to preserve the original values of the Order of Witchers. Because of this, these witchers were expelled and in the end decided to found a school with their vision, this is how the Hawk School, was born.



The School of the Hawk was founded in the territory of Gemmera, somewhere in the 11th century after the expelled griffins settled there. It is known that it was supported by the Gemmerian mages who ended up helping to develop the school.

Fall of the School

The School of the Hawk was destroyed during the conquest of Gemmera by the Nilfgaardian Empire in the 1226 but the reasons are unknown.


The School of the Hawk focused on medium and long-distance combat. For which, they developed the appropriate equipment besides new Signs with the help of the Gemmerian mages, that allowed them to fight in that way.


As swords, they used something similar to a Nilfgaardian harpe for the times of the monarchy.




The School of the Hawk used crossbows in their combat style to achieve long distance combat results, the design for their crossbow was improved after the School's fall and implemented by the School of the Fox.


The School of the Hawk took a different approach to their armor set than their predecessor the School of the Griffin, making a very light armor similar to the School of the Cat, to maximize their mobility and speed as they handled most combat at range.

Unique Mutations

School of the Hawk witchers had mutations that make them much faster than an ordinary Witcher.

Known members

  • Hawk
  • Brys Morgan
  • Conan
  • Iestyn Glace
  • Ebbe
  • Tilces
  • Ruzond
  • Vullab
  • Eidruin
  • Reinnic
  • Uilak
  • Eirvuzeed
  • Thasrab
  • Zegalt
  • Neilwunhealt
  • Ingomar
  • Tristyn Carey
  • Gero
  • Kruacielt
  • Amrilt
  • Egond
  • Kusraabo
  • Korbl
  • Fion
  • Emil of Cintra
  • Cornelius of Assengard