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The School of the Dragon is a witcher school founded by several members of the School of the Manticore when they traveled to the Okami Islands in the year 1100.


The School of the Dragon, was born after the visit of some of the witchers of the School of the Manticore to the Okami Islands, who traveled there, after being exiled from their school, for unknown reasons.

Some speculate that it was because of the refusal to train women in their school, which was imposed by the government of Zerrikania at the time, but this is something we don't know for sure.


The School of the Dragon, arose due to the need that the inhabitants of the islands had, to face the Yokai. A type of monsters, unique in the region. Who up until the appearance of the witchers made life there quite complicated.

Ninjas, samurais and majutsus ( The equivalent of sorcerers in the Okami Islands) were responsible for killing them, for a time but their effectiveness was not the same as that of a witcher. So the witchers were well received to make the nation prosper.

Unlike schools in other parts of the world ( with the exception of their precedessor ) The School of the Dragon received the support of the country's government. What made it, develop a series of characteristics, which differentiated it from other schools. Among them was the lack of neutrality, for example. A common feature in other witchers.

The only time it remained "neutral" was in 1284. When the so-called Okami Civil War broke out after the Emperor's death. In which several clans, fought each other, for the throne. While the Fabio Sachs Expedition was trying to solve who had been the murderer to stop the war and get rid of the sentence they had been given with the help of some witchers from this school. 


The School of the Dragon, due to the so isolated zone in which it is, has developed a series of unique characteristics with the passage of time.

The first is morally. Being the closest thing to the Order of Witchers along with the School of the Griffin. All this, by the influence of the samurai warriors and their Golden Code. Who forged the moral aspect of the witchers of this school.

In the section on swords, they used a hybrid between the swords of samurai warriors and ninjas. With some elements that they still kept, from the School of the Manticore swords.

Its armor, it was a medium weight armor. Not too heavy to wear, but at the same time that it gave some protection, and even allowed stealth tasks.

All this, due to the influence that these groups of warriors ( samurais and ninjas) exerted on the school. So much so that his style of combat was a hybrid between the combat styles of these two warriors, applying the most convenient in each situation.

Also, because its founders were witchers from the School of the Manticore, the use of potions was of great importance. So much so that, in order to combat the unique creatures of the islands, they developed potions that other schools do not have.

School of the Dragon armor.

Known members 


  • Gilgamesh
  • Sargon
  • Narasin
  • Masuda Shouta
  • Kaneshiro Shouta
  • Shimizu Shouhei
  • Yamaguchi Kazuki
  • Doi Daiki
  • Dayisun Tingri
  • Shibata Takuya
  • Kimura Yuu
  • Inoue Yuu
  • Matsuda Kazuya
  • Ito Daisuke
  • Nabopo
  • Ashur
  • Sanada
  • Yasuke
  • Date
  • Tokugawa
  • Oda
  • Ikehara Aku
  • Itoh Takeshi
  • Horie Kayo
  • Ide Yoshio
  • Tanigawa Raiden
  • Namba Gina
  • Kamiya Katsuro
  • Kishimoto Masahiko
  • Higa Akio
  • Kondo Souta
  • Aoki Ryuu
  • Honda Takahiro



  • The Unknown Witcheress is a witcheress of the School of the Dragon, from the time of its beginnings. Nothing is known about her, except that some rumors, give her as the possible founder of the School of the Mantis.
  • The School of the Dragon received that name, after one of its founders Gilgamesh, killed an Eastern dragon, right in the area where his fortress would be built.