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Roedskilde ( Real name : Unknown ) also known as Roedskilde of Cidaris was a mage, the master under whom Istredd of Aedd Gynvael learned his skills and the rector of Ban Ard in the shadows until the death of Gerhart of Aelle in 1267.

Some rumors among the mages mentioned that in the past, he had a much "closer" relationship with Tissaia de Vries. Hence their famous "intense" discussions during the Brotherhood of Sorcerers reunions.


Early life

Roedskilde's life is a mystery and he always liked to keep it that way.

Supposedly, his origin according to Istredd of Aedd Gynvael knows, is situated in Cidaris, this being the son of a merchant from that kingdom and a mage from Melukka who came on a commercial ship. Although according to what is said to be on Ban Ard's records, he would actually come from Melukka, adopting that name and false origin after his graduation.

What is confirmed is that at some point in his life, he was abandoned by his parents and taken in at the magic academy.

Recruiting Istredd [ 1179 ]

Working as a resident mage in the city of Aedd Gynvael replacing Ilde, Roedskilde was stolen by a young Istredd, using simple magic, Shortly thereafter, he would suffer a second robbery and end up catching the boy using magic. Realizing his potential, he would go to the orphanage where he lived and "adopt" him and then take him to Ban Ard for proper training and education.

Some rumors mention that in reality, Istredd is the bastard son of Roedskilde with a noble koviri who abandoned him because of that condition, but none of this has ever been confirmed.

Further life

After the death of Tissaia de Vries and the dissolution of Brotherhood of Sorcerers, Roedskilde's fate is unknown, although in the words of Istredd of Aedd Gynvael "embarked on a journey to the south, one-way only" trying to avoid the war that was going on.

Some rumours, placed him as the advisor of the king of Zazam.

Personality and traits

Roedskilde's personality could be perfectly classified in that of a person who suffers from what is known as Don Juan Syndrome ( something that became remarkable after his " supposed" breakup with Tissaia)

This, emphasized by his gentlemanly ways and manners, gave him many positive things, which he knew how to transmit correctly to his most appreciated pupil, Istredd of Aedd Gynvael, like heroism, perseverance and strength of will.

But on the other hand, the famous sorcerer had serious defects such as the following : a constant attempt to find the ideal woman ( who the sorcerer visualized in Tissaia de Vries ), some immaturity (especially in the emotional area), some insecurity in himself and a sometimes histrionic personality.


  • It is rumored that his lovers after Tissaia, were used to make the sorceress jealous and that she returned to him.
  • Although unconfirmed, like many sorcerers, Roedskilde was bisexual.
  • Despite his promiscuity, Roedskilde was considered a gentleman with strong values among those in his guild.