Reynes' World

The world of Reynes, is a world of unknown name, which mixed with The World, long ago, during the Conjunction of the Spheres. It is called so, because of the presence of a powerful kingdom, called by this name, Reynes.

Another very important kingdom is the kingdom of Saguenay which is said to be a rival to the kingdom of Reynes.

Similar to The World, Reynes' World, is a medieval world, full of magic and monsters ( Although a little more technologically and magic delayed than The World )

Another big difference with The World is that there is only one big continent and a few islands scattered across the giant ocean that covers much of this world.

According to various reports, this sphere can be accessed through some ruins of mysterious origin, found in Vinland.

Notable countries and places

  • Reynes
  • Saguenay
  • Suddene
  • Meropis
  • Nysa
  • Wy
  • Partya
  • The Dragon's Island
  • Empire of Zarahemia
  • Avram
  • Icaria
  • Evramor
  • Jamtland
  • Liberland
  • Simbati
  • Oter
  • Sedang

Notable people

  • Pocholo
  • Reynes
  • Sir Tebaud
  • Reeve Franco
  • Delwyn Washingtone
  • Malig Hallowedsnarl
  • Birdod
  • Birdie
  • Hedram Stidz
  • Il Runursk
  • Stalcun
  • lar
  • lad Vato
  • Maranashtu
  • Amati
  • Ilubu
  • Aduba
  • Arshti
  • Amasunu
  • Iltani

Known races

  • Humans
  • Crystal People
  • Rock People
  • Aen Puau [ Elves ]
  • Alopes
  • Lichs

World Map

Reynes .jpeg


  • This world is a mixture of different mythological places in our world.
  • Some countries are direct references to micronations that exist in our world.
  • Oter is based in Other World Kingdom ( But without the BDSM part )
  • Some legends, say that some witchers who disappeared over time, have established themselves here, even founding schools.
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