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Red dragons or the 'Animalia Chordata Xenosauria Squamadraco Occidentidae Tetrapa Rufus' live in caves in mountains and hills.


The largest and most powerful of the known true dragons Red dragons boast an enormous size and wingspan. They have multiple large horns upon their heads the number increases with age, which point backwards toward their wings. They smell of smoke and sulfur. Red Dragons are usually supremely confident of their own abilities and are prone to making snap decisions without any forethought, especially the younger ones. They tend to be prideful and aggressive as a species, but should you get them talking about their interests or engaged in debate they are surprisingly pleasant conversationalists with a love for debate as well, respecting intelligence from other dragons as well from sentient beings. A Higher Vampire once befriended a Red Dragon and would visit every five years to talk and debate with them about all the knowledge the two would acquire.


Found in warm climates among the hills and caves of mountains. In combat Red Dragon prefer to roast their opponents and overpower them with shows of force. They tend to live away from heavily wooded areas to prevent starting large fires.





Known specimens


  • The Red dragon's breath weapon is an extremely devastating cone of fire.