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When you talk about someone heroic, you can't do anything but think about Putnam.
Fabio Sachs, famous explorer

Putnam Pitch of Skellige ( Real name: Kurus Akram Ziar Ur Rehman Badawi Sova) also know as Putnam Pitch, "The Golden Griffin", Tap Aur, Putnam "The Eagle", "The Queen Slayer" by the Zerzurans, "Futari no tamashī" by the Okamese, "The Giant Slayer" by the Kvens, "Ofir´s National Hero" by the Ofieris , "Eagle Bearer" by witchers of the School of the Owl or simply Putnam, was a legendary northen hero, known School of the Griffin witcher and famous explorer. He was also the founder of the School of the Crane after the Second Conjuntion of Spheres.


Early life

A walking peace agreement, this is how one could classify the witcher who was born on May 11, 1255, in the city of Manisa, in the territories of East Ofir (Today, part of the territory of Ofir) unified under the rule of King (Malliq) Nibras following the campaign initiated by his father, King Salim I The Great to have all Ofir under control after the threat of a possible war with Nilfgaard became present (Threat that fortunately came to nothing after Nilfgaard decided to conquer their neighboring kingdoms and expand northward)

Though really, Nibras did little, as his father conquered most of the areas that once belonged to the most powerful empire the south had ever known before the appearance of the black ones. The Oshan empire, with the exception of the territory of East Ofir. Which remained independent for a long time, being a powerful regional power for several centuries ruled during all that time, by the Sova, a powerful clan of sorcerers, who followed the ancient traditions belonging to the kingdom of Zóar and ruled because of their natural talent in magic. They were a powerful magical bloodline characterized by their Sources, possessing one blue eye and the other green, due to the semimagic genesis, known as Manisa´s Genesis.

 But in the end, due to a series of strategic errors in addition to many others, East Ofir fell. Slowly, yes, but fell. At such a point, only the Manisa city remained as the remains of what was once a great power in the lands of the Far South.

And although they had a great magical talent, far superior to the present at the Imperial Magic Academy and Sodden's sorcerers /sorceress together.  This talent did nothing against the strategic ability of Aamad a young sorcerer at that time, best friend of the newly Malliq Nibras who was key in the conquest of this last independent territory. 

The siege of the city lasted for weeks. In it, many people perished, mostly sorcerers, but on September 9, 1254, finally the last bastion of East Ofir was taken. And with it, all of Ofir ended up uniting under the leadership of a single ruler.  

The Sova and the inhabitants of the region had a hard time accepting their defeat. Above all, because of their fear of losing their customs. Salim's acts with certain "unconquerable" tribes had spread and they feared that their son would do the same. Above all, the newly appointed young queen Nelea Sova, who had begun her mandate in the war after her mother's death on the battlefield and had ended it on this one.  

But Nibras, proved to be pious in that sense and did not repeat the mistakes that had tarnished a little the image of his father. He relaxed the terms of the surrender quite a bit  

(so much so that Nelea could even continue to be considered queen and continue to govern her territory. Of course, in a way somewhat similar to the duchy of Toussaint in the Nilfgaardian Empire) in exchange for only one thing. An heir. An heir who would unify both territories under the right of blood, thus preventing future uprisings and returning the glory of yesteryear to the territories that made up Ofir. 

Nelea, having no choice, accepted. A quick wedding, following the local customs was celebrated and on September 11, 1254 both joined in a carnal way, giving rise 9 months later to the fruit of their union. Two twin brothers, Kurus (Putnam) and Mimit were born. 

So far, so good. Even Nelea, like many other queens who didn't love their husbands at first, ended up doing it.  But that happiness wouldn't last long. For, Aamad's curiosity and ambition prevailed over the couple. The genetics of the Sova had been longed for by many sorcerers of the region since time immemorial and he was not going to miss this opportunity. Having this clan finally after so much revealed to the rest of the country. 

And the fact that Kurus was just a baby only made that better. The other boy did not interest him in the end and after all he had not been born with "the gift" (That is how the Sova called those born as sources). It was the perfect opportunity, East Ofir had been taken, he had a great influence in the palace, everything was ideal to unravel the secrets that made that clan of sorcerers so powerful. 

But Nelea, as a good mother, stopped him. What she did not know, was the power that Aamad had within the court, which was such that she was accused of treason to the kingdom. Forced to flee with her two children in order to avoid the terrible fate that the best friend of her beloved, had prepared for them. 

She knew that, no matter how far she pushed Kurus away, he would try Mimit even though he didn't have "the gift", as an emergency resource, so she preferred to take them both. 

Nelea, being persecuted for supposed treason, fled to the Northern Kingdoms, looking for a safe place, but in reality she knew they could find her wherever she went, sooner or later to them and their children. So, he made two important decisions in order to prevent Aamad's plans from being fulfilled. 

First, he abandoned Kurus in a village in Brugge. Leaving him to his fate, knowing that only by sacrificing his son's life could he save him from the ambitious sorcerer's inhuman experiments. The date on which he abandoned him was May 11, 1255. Just when he was 3 months old.  On the other hand, knowing that Mimit had not been born with "the gift", he decided to travel to Nilfgaard, leaving him in charge of the sorcerers of the Imperial Magic Academy. Giving them permission to use as extortion if Aamad and company wanted to find out her location. 

After that, she disappeared.  Some say she went to Zerrikania, others to Haakland. But the truth is that no one has heard from her since then. Not even those of her own clan managed to trace her location. 

Kurus was saved. He was found, by the villager Johan Pitch the same day of his abandonment. Because of the cries of this, in a small lagoon near his village. He decided to name it, because of this encounter, Putnam (Name that means: The one who lives in the lagoon ).  Although it seems that the baby would not count it, with the rest of the village's help. Above all, of the most veteran mothers who lived there, Putnam came through. 

Although this situation, after a series of incidents with tax collectors. And seeing that, the fate that awaited the boy, was not the best. Johan, in his ignorance had an idea, remembering his recently deceased wife.  A painter exiled from the Nilfgaardian Empire, who had to flee after it was discovered that she was a woman. She was a great fan of witchers, respected and admired their work ( indeed, it was the witcher Serrit who helped her reach the north ) and considered them true free men and not vassals of any empire or kingdom.  And taking her words into account, Johan went in search of them, after selling all his possessions and even the paintings she painted during her exile, heading north in search of them. He knew of the hardships that would come on the road, but it was either that or a life of servitude and that child who made his heart so happy did not deserve that. 

They went through bad patches, but people's good hearts. He made it possible for him, and the one he already considered his son, to continue their journey for the next 3 months. 

Until, once near Lan Exeter, father and son were attacked by two hungry amarok, but saved at the last moment, by two witchers from School of the Griffin. Fate had finally brought the two of them together. These witchers were Coën of Poviss and Jerome Moreau.

 Johan explained to them the situation and why he was looking for them, and that he would also like to stay with him until he was older. The witchers surprisingly accepted the proposal and the fact that he would stay with them in exchange for different orders.  Jerome, having met little Putnam, fell from the sky, since he had proposed to rebuild Kaer Seren, the fortress of the school of the Griffin ( after the avalanche caused by the sorcerers who wanted the secrets of their magic books) and the school itself. So, he needed students.  And the fact that Johan wanted his adopted son to be a witcher only made it better. 

And once this meeting happened. The four, the two witchers, the villager and the baby, left for the Koviri Mountains where Putnam would find a home and a family during his next years.

Training in Kaer Seren

His training over the next 20 years at Kaer Seren occurred normally, just like any other witcher. With the exception of a few incidents because of his condition as a Source which were solved due to Braith's intervention.

Some time later, at the age of 16. Braith would sexually abuse him.

During all that time, Putnam stood out above his peers with the use of the sword. Art that Coën personally taught him.

A young Putnam during his training ( Art by Guil Draws )

Until Coën was sent by Old Keldar (The leader of the Griffins) to know the situation of the other schools.


The age at which Putnam underwent mutations was 10.

Putnam, unlike other children who were trained at Kaer Seren with him, was not subjected to extra experiments.  All this, because of what at first the most veteran witchers thought was a error. When he got his cat's eyes, but not the characteristic amber color, but his same previous color, but more vivid.

Death of Coën

Coën's death was something that had a great impact on the School of the Griffin. But the one who was most affected was Putnam because of his close relationship with the witcher ( They were like brothers )

This meant that, some time later, instead of Putnam wearing his own medallion, he wore Coën's in his honour. Which was given by his companions of battle to the witchers of the School of the Griffin along with other personal objects after the Battle of Brenna.


Putnam survived all the trials. Although in the most dangerous trials, he needed a longer recovery time than the others.

The Choice

He almost failed this first trial, but in the end he got it. But he acquired something of a more aggressive tendencies. Which had to be corrected with training.

Trial of the Grasses

Putnam passed The Trial of the Grasses without a problem. With the exception that he was in a coma for a while.

Trial of the Dreams

After waking from the coma, about a month later he underwent the Trial of the Dreams. Which he passed without any problem.

Trial of the Pendulum

A trial that was performed shortly after the Trial of the Dreams. Less dangerous than the previous ones. Rescued from the School of the Cat by Matlena during her romance with Zamir. The trial helps to further improve reflexes and speed. Due to its low danger. Survivors of the Trial of the Grasses passed it easily.

Trial of the Mountains

Putnam, unlike others, came to remember quite a lot of things before the Trial of the Grasses. So he passed the Trial of the Mountains without a problem.

Trial of Rememberance

More than a trial, this was a reinforcement of the studies of the witchers. In that those with the best minds would go much deeper into different knowledge which were in the library of Kaer Seren.

Trial of Forest Eyes

Executed in a different way between the griffins due to the climatic conditions of Kovir but maintaining its same essence. Putnam passed this trial, coming second to Kaer Seren behind Kemro of Cintra.

Trial of the Stone Wall

Trial performed so that the witchers of the School of the Griffin were able to resist more strong potions like Tawny Owl or Thunderbolt.

The Trial of the Contract

The last trial before graduation. This consisted basically of making a first contract and returning with the dead monster to the fortress. This trial was only performed by griffins. The first monster Putnam killed was a duñak. A man-eating tree that terrorized the city of Rakverelin in Narok.

It would be this monster, the one who would leave the first scars on his face.


January 1275. Putnam graduated with full honors. Thus he officially became a witcher of the School of the Griffin. And in that same month, he would leave the school along with his other fellow graduates to start his first year in The Path.

Putnam on his graduation day ( Art by Pencilhead )

Reencounter with Tubiel, friendship with Fabio Sachs and The Coldwater Disaster ( 1275 )

In the same year, several important things would happen in Putnam's life. The first would be the reunion after ten years of separation with Tubiel of Brenna. Best friend of the witcher's childhood. Who had been sent to the School of the Cat, since in Kaer Seren had lost the knowledge to mutate women after the avalanche.

But sadly, Tubiel didn't get to be a complete witcheress due to the attack Dyn Marv suffered before 1272. So, she didn't possess the mutations.

Sooner rather than later, they began an intense romance which would last until October of the same year. In which they would break up because of their biological differences at the time of aging together.

In June, during a contract in which Tubiel and Putnam had to separate, it was when the Coldwater Disaster took place in Cintra. Where Putnam, by ignorance ended up murdering the entire village of Coldwater which was under a powerful curse. Instead of having freed them from it. 

It was in November, when Putnam met who would become his best friend, Fabio Sachs. In the sewers of Oxenfurt. Putnam saved him from a wererat while he was chasing and hunting the Big Four after being hired by the Novigrad Security Bureau who wanted this important criminal group extinguished.  

Travel to Skellige and Melukka ( 1276 )

The next year, Putnam would decide to set course for Skellige. Where he had been told by his colleagues, there was more work. Previously, passing through Cidaris. Where he would meet Calina, a merchant from the city who would take him to the islands. Not without first having a brief romance between them.

In Skellige, Putnam would meet Frigga with whom he would have an affair while working on the islands. Especially killing sea monsters.  Above all, nixas a kraken and the so-called Black Demon that had terrorized the waters of the islands for some time.

One of the most remarkable events of his time in Skellige, apart from the killing of the Black Demon. It was the confrontation he had with the vildkaarls who tried to seize power on the island of Ard Skellig that year by murdering significant people. The witcher along with several allies managed to defeat the warrior order but not extinguish it.

His time on the islands and the work he did there would influence in the creation of the School of the Crane many years later.

Approximately in summer, he would leave the islands and head far south. Melukka in particular. Following a supposed track on his beloved Tubiel, which despite having broken could not forget.

In Melukka he wouldn't find Tubiel, but instead he'd find work. When he would be involved in the conflict between Roxana, the queen of Parth and Circe of Kust. A sorceress who wanted to seize power in the region.

Death of his adoptive father and second reencounter with Tubiel ( 1277 )

After returning to the north again. The witcher suffered a great loss. Which was the loss of his adoptive father, who was killed by prostitutes. A fact that marked him greatly. Adopting after that, the surname Pitch and also abhorring brothels.

A few months later, he would meet his beloved Tubiel again. Getting back together, albeit for a short period of time, as she would leave him again for the same reason they broke up the first time.

Putnam and Tubiel ( Art by Pencilhead )

Later, looking for solace. He would meet the sorceress Triss Merigold with whom he would have a one - night stand and Dragonfly, a witcheress also from the Cat School with whom he would start a relationship.

The relationship with Dragonfly would soon and badly end because of her character. Which would leave the witcher with a curious memory in his right buttock.

Working for the Zerrikanian Spice Company ( 1278 )

In the year 1278. The witcher would then work for the Zerrikanian Spice Company which allowed him to visit the Eastern Realms.

In the company, he would meet Adela again. One of his former mistresses. With whom, during their journey towards the East, they would begin a relationship. Adela would die from the attack of a basilisk in Zerrikania.

It would be in this queendom, where Putnam would be hired by the court of Ofir to rescue the daughter of Maliq Nibras, who had recently been kidnapped.

Also, at this period, he met the bard Jezkier, who owed him a debt after Putnam saved him from being beaten up by a gang of gnomes in Tir Tochair, who wanted to steal the bard's lute. So he joined the Company and decided to accompany the witcher on his adventures to the Far East.

But the reality was that the bard was on his way to the location of the School of the Viper, looking for a witcher to inspire him and accompany him to reach the same level as his idol Jaskier with Geralt.

It was Jezkier who, obviously inspired by his idol and his stories with Geralt, would give Putnam the nickname "The Golden Griffin" and besides, who would start making him famous.

Rescue of the ofieri princess and hunt of the Hunter of Zangvebar ( 1279 )

Actually, at Ofir. Not only was he hired to rescue the princess, but also to get to know his father and have his true origins revealed. Which never happened. Due to the fear that invaded Nibras as he tried to reveal himself to Putnam as his real father.

The rescue of what would become Putnam's stepsister was successful and Putnam was named Ofir's National Hero.

Doing that, due to the treatment received the witcher stayed there for a while, which led him to develop a courtship with Radeyah the Crown Sorceress of Maliq Nibras.

Jezkier would accompany the witcher to Ofir, being part of the well-known rescue and gaining great notoriety in that territory, due to his songs about Putnam, both old and new. Especially, with ballads about the witcher's relationship with Radeyah.

Putnam and Radeyah, Circa 1279. Art by Guil Draws

Jezkier would settle for a time in Ofir and it would be there that he and Putnam would part ways, until the marriage of the witcher with Tubiel.

Approximately two months after the rescue of the ofieri princess. Putnam was hired by the king of Zangvebar to stop a mysterious hunter on his land, who had been killing many people. The witcher marched there and stopped him, discovering that he was possessed by a powerful demon which had been summoned by the Mage Society of Zangvebar. To use it with the intention of creating a revolution against the king of Zangvebar and thus they take power and establish a genocidal dictatorship with which to exterminate various ethnic groups of the country which they considered inferior.

It would be in the land of the same name, where he would meet Xirnedh II of Zangvebar, son of the famous bard Xirnedh who would translate the adventures of the witcher in multiple books and songs. 

In addition to initiating a brief relationship with the princess of that country, Makeda. Who would he leave soon after, after not being able to forget Tubiel and march to the north again. 

Putnam during his time in Ofir and Zangvebar ( Art by Pencilhead )

Third reencounter with Tubiel, wedding, Sigurd's adoption, kidnapping by his twin brother, Tubiel's ransom of Putnam and Tubiel's death. The Magne Massacre takes place ( 1280 )

The year 1280 started quite well for Putnam. After his encounters with Vara and his subsequent separation, the witcher was reunited with the love of his life, Tubiel of Brenna. Both finally accepted their fate and decided to get married.

Putnam that year ( Art by Vermanart )

Putnam and Tubiel during that year ( Art by Guil Draws )

On top of that, before the wedding. They both decided to adopt a child, whom Tubiel found alone in the woods and with amnesia and decided to call him Sigurd Pitch of Brenna.

The wedding was held at Kaer Seren. In a ceremony where relatives and friends of the couple were present. 

Putnam the day of his wedding ( Art by Kyleeannart )

Everything was going fine, until at the banquet, Putnam's twin brother appeared through a portal, kidnapping him to torture and experiment with him in a similar way that Tomas Moreau did with his son Jerome centuries ago.

Putnam´s twin brother, Mimit ( Art by Rauchart )

All this with the intention of turning his brother back into human, brainwashing him, training him and using him as a weapon due to his condition as a Source.

Tubiel, after this quickly organized a rescue expedition and searched by all means for the location of her husband. Which, she managed to find.

Putnam was in castle at Magne, Nilfgaard. So, Tubiel, along with his rescue group decided to set course there. So, after about three months of travel, they managed to get there and start an assault on Mimit Castle and rescue Putnam. Who, since then, had been tortured over 4 months.

The assault was terrible, at the level of Stygga or even bloodier. Many people died, but Putnam was rescued. Among those who died was Tubiel herself and her and Putnam's adopted son, Sigurd Pitch of Brenna who was killed by mercenaries in service of the mage.

The only ones who survived were Putnam and his brother ( Who managed to escape on time through a portal)

This event and the subsequent persecution that a madman Putnam made of the mercenaries who escaped from the castle is what is known as the Magne Massacre by the locals.

Revenge and trip to Elysium

Short time later. Putnam would pursue and exterminate all the members of the mercenary company that was fighting alongside his brother that day which would lead him to a ruins in the Korath Desert where, by assassinating the last of the mercenaries, he would activate a portal to another world which would take him to Elysium. A supposed paradisiacal world which was actually collapsing, due to a series of internal conflicts between its rulers.

Putnam didn't position himself on any side. And what he tried was to save the people of that place and return to his world. The events there helped him partially overcome the death of Tubiel and his son.

Consequences of his brother's experiments and the Magne Massacre

Like Jerome Moreau, the experiments Putnam was subjected to by his brother only made him more of a witcher than he already was, not a super- witcher like the case of his master, but they improved him more than he already was instead of making him human, as Mimit intended.

Apart from this, the months of torture and the subsequent Magne Massacre left Putnam suffering posttraumatic stress disorder, as well as having to deal with the loss of his wife and child and the survivor syndrome that he would suffer later and drag it along his whole life.

Relationship with Tempest ( 1280 - 1282 )


A few months after Tubiel's death, Putnam would begin a stormy relationship with the School of the Cat's witcheress, Tempest. Who would become his lover.

The relationship would go through a stage of various conflicts, due to the unstable nature of the White Lioness. Until finally they would part ways after their final duel.

Duel in Iello

After months of separation, Putnam and Tempest meet again in the town Iello because of a contract. which Tempest refused to share, which led to a fight in the area, to see who would take it In the end, the duel was a draw and the two made the contract together.

Alliance against the Coram Agh Tera and duel in the catacombs

After a short time, the lovers would meet again, involved in a conflict, due to two contracts. Since Putnam had to rescue the mage Ireneus Var Steingard and save him from being sacrificed to the cult and Tempest, on the other hand, was assigned to kill him.

This led them to an alliance against the cult, to rescue the mage and then decide what to do with him. The defeat of the cultists led to an argument between the two, which resulted in another duel, namely a duel in the catacombs. Which ended with Putnam's defeat and the mage's death.

Peace in The Path and final separation

Later, Putnam and Tempest would meet and spend some time together in The Path. A few months of calm, before the storm and their final separation, due to an argument, which, again, ended in a duel. This time, with the victory of the witcher and the escape from Tempest.

Travel with Fabio Sachs around The Continent towards the Far East ( 1282 - 1284 )

Putnam Pitch and Fabio Sachs, Circa 1284. Art by Teradiamart

Putnam and Fabio, after all, would meet again and both in 1282 together with other people in an expedition led by the explorer and financed by the crown of Lyria and Rivia with the intention of establishing trade routes with distant lands.

That's how the explorer and the witcher ended up at no man's place before. Making contact with civilizations that the nordlings believed were only legends and coming into contact with new and unknown ones. An example of this was the contact they made with the Aen ´Agde elves in 1283.

In this expedition, Putnam and an accompanying sorceress, Mozaïk became lovers. Until they separated roads, once the expedition reached Arcadia. Where the sorceress decided to settle down.

It was on this journey that Putnam met the pirate Kai Yih in Buyan, with whom the witcher had a relationship and who guided them on their expedition through those distant lands.

Contact with the Mardu people

At the beginning of their journey, the expedition as well as Boreas Mun and his companions after the Peace of Cintra. They found contact with the Mardu people, but despite what you might think the contact was not hostile, on the contrary. And the time the expedition spent there helped Fabio Sachs to map and get better information about the area, this allowed a better development of the trade route that the kingdom of Lyria and Rivia wanted to create with distant lands.

Some Mardu even ended up joining the expedition.


One of the first stops of the expedition. It was the unknown Haakland. Where they stayed all winter. There, they learned about their customs, traditions, etc...After Putnam saved the sons of the Khagan who then ruled the territory from being devoured by an Aka Allghoi.


Valkare was the first conflict zone the expedition visited. The kingdom founded by all oppressed minorities in Zerrikania, sometime during the 10th century. Especially Aen ʼAgde of Zerrikania and men of that nation exiled.

Because, unintentionally, they were involved in a small conflicts between Valkare and Zerrikania which were even about to divide the group.

Although in the end, it would be discovered that these conflicts were actually created by a powerful criminal organization known as The Whites Cheetahs who sought to destabilize and alienate both nations, with the aim of collapsing them and seizing power in them. This organization was led by the ex-leader of the Aen Manche, a well-known Aen Agde sorcerer, Donnchad Da, who had been exiled by his people, after their genetic experiments were discovered in order to improve the Aen Agde and conquer the Aen Elle. Who for a long time, saw them as inferior and humiliated them.


In the Republic of Acadia. The expedition was involved in lifting a curse, which they caused indirectly. In Putnam's own words: "This was one of my most difficult contracts".


In Barsa, the group would encounter a series of massacres carried out by the witchers of the School of the Tiger, led by Brehen. Which they would face after being hired by the Ofir / Hannu government.

Later, they would discover that the School of the Tiger witchers had been hired by the Nilfgaard - backed lands government with the intention of causing destabilization in the other area in order to take it to thus increase the territories under the control of Nilfgaard according to direct orders from Emhyr Var Emreis.


In Hannu, while the expedition rested and took knowledge to take north in Hannu's Great Library. Putnam would make several contracts around the country and it would be in one of these contracts where he would meet Ciri who would help him defeat several local monsters like the serpopard and from that collaboration, the spark of a brief romance would arise.

The romance would not continue due to the mysterious disappearance of the Lady of Space and Time.

Also in Hannu, he had to face the witcher Corvo from the School of the Rat, who had been hired by Nilfgaard to assassinate Fabio Sachs and the rest of the expeditionaries and thus avoid a possible territorial expansion of the Northern Kingdoms to the East.

Putnam in the southeast of The Continent ( Art by Guil Draws )


In Buyan, Putnam and the expedition were caught, after the country's leader, Chalik. A dictator captured them, fearful of the opening the kingdom might have, as this could throw him out of power.

The irony of the matter is that the capture of the expedition. It ended up causing his fall from power and the liberation of the country.


In the so-called White City, the group managed to rest and prepare for the final stage of their journey. Besides that it was in that place, where Putnam, by fate, ended up meeting his biological mother, Nelea Sova. Who had become queen of the City - State.

But her mother turned out to have become a tyrant, who deceived the expedition, capturing it and turning it into slaves. The expedition managed to free themselves after a while and lead a slave revolt against her, but this led Putnam to face his mother in a duel to the death, so that both the expedition and the freed slaves could escape.

Once they were out of reach of Zerzura's soldiers and Putnam met both with the expedition and with the freed slaves, several of these joined the expedition while others marched to Zerrikania.

It was because of slaves from there that the expedition learned about the Okami Islands and decided to go there.

Okami Islands

The last phase of their expedition was the visit to the Okami Islands. Where these were accused of murdering the Emperor of the islands, which led them to be the cause of a civil war between clans, which they had to solve.

Also on the Okami Islands, Putnam learned of the existence of a Witcher School there, the School of the Dragon

Fabio Sachs and Putnam Pitch in the Okami Islands ( Art by Iván Mazo Sánchez )


Consequences of the expedition to the Far East

The consequences of the expedition were several. The most remarkable was the increase in the trade of Lyria and Rivia with distant countries. Thus creating greater prosperity in their economy. In addition to the increase in information on unknown territories ( Like Zerrikania ) for the nordlings.

Marriage with Alanna ( 1285 - 1286 )

After returning from his expedition to the east, Putnam would meet in the forests of Kovir, a young girl of about 18 years of age, who had been abandoned by the druids, which lived in the forest where Putnam was making a contract to kill a werewolf.

Putnam would accomplish his goal, but during the process, he would damage his foot, which forced him to stay with the girl for a time while he recovered. During that time, they would both fall in love and a relationship emerged.

Putnam even went so far as to train her in sword combat, which would influence the fate of the girl later on.

This relationship progressed quite quickly, so much so that within a few months, both were married. But just as quickly it arose, quickly it ended. Since Alanna after learning that the witchers were infertile, she abandoned her husband after he could not give her children.

Travel with Fabio Sachs around The Continent to the Far North ( 1286 - 1288 )

Another remarkable expedition was the one financed by Kovir's crown. This time, to the Far North. Beyond the Dragon Mountains.

This expedition was carried out with the intention of discovering that there was beyond to see if so the kingdom of Kovir could expand its power and its territories.

Plague in Vinland

During this expedition the explorer and witcher reached the duchy of Vinland where Putnam was forced to put an end to the plague of white dragons that plagued the area so that he, Fabio and the people who accompanied them could continue with the adventure.

Thanks to the work of the witcher and his good relationships with the people of the territory, before leaving the country. Kovir would end up getting an important commercial treaty with that nation.

War against the Tdet

Later in their expedition, while visiting the duchy of Vespaden. Putnam and Fabio were forced to intervene in the human war against the Tdet vampires, who wanted to take control of the country. After one of his expeditionaries was murdered by an alcoholic vampire.


In Heluland, the expedition was forced to make a stop due to the harsh winter. There, Putnam met the remaining School of the Owl witchers and spent the winter with them as well as the people who accompanied him. The Griffin and Owls shared knowledge and also trained together.

Putnam in the Far North


In Kvenland. Putnam had to face a group of giants who prevented the expedition to continue their journey as well as trying to destroy the Kvens. These, knowing about the witchers because of the witchers of the School of the Owl, asked for help and Putnam offered to them. After defeating them, the witcher would gain the alias "The Giant Slayer" for these people.


In Gotland, the witcher along with the expedition would be involved in a small rescue of the Oyruhr tribe after his encounter with the only survivor of that kidnapping, Mazheva. The "princess" of that tribe, which had been kidnapped by the knights of The Great Order to be executed, after having killed a missionary of the order, because they did not want to convert to their religion.

After that, the expedition and the tribe would travel together until they found a new home. It was during the rescue and the journey that Putnam and Mazheva would become lovers.


One of the most remarkable events of Fabio's expedition to the Far North took place in the kingdom of Swenland, which was about to be invaded by zombies, because of a renegade mage, who wanted power. The expedition agreed to fight in exchange for Sweland sending tributes to Kovir from time to time.


In the republic of Nemet. The expedition did not encounter any threat. With the exception of some contracts that Putnam was able to make while they were resting and preparing for the final part of their journey.

Speur Mara

Before reaching the Great Glacier. The expedition was forced to make a stop in the Tuathasgia Mountains, due to how complicated they were to pass. But thanks to the presence of a witcher in the team they were alerted to the presence of the School of the Siren in the area by a local and were taken to their fortress. Where, with their help, they planned the final steps of their expedition in the weeks they were there.

The time he spent in that school and the information he received would influence the development of the School of the Crane.

In addition to a brief romance with one of the local witcheress, Eina, would arise in the weeks Putnam stayed there with the rest of the team.

Great Glacier

Near the end of their journey, Putnam and Fabio, along with the other explorers, were about to die when they approached the Great Glacier. But in the end, they were saved by Fafnir a silver dragon that lived there. Which would later put them in contact with the Aen Ghele, which would give them a safe route back to the Northern Kingdoms.

After the expedition to the Far North

The consequences of this expedition were much less than those of the Far East. But still, they were noticeable. Since the territory of the Far North, began to be more visited by the nordlings. Especially by the merchants of Kovir.

In the two years until his next expedition with Fabio it is known that Putnam was with the sorceress Keira Metz.

It is also known, that during this time he had some conflicts with the witcher Lambert, who was ex-partner of the sorceress. 

Putnam in the 1289 ( Art by Rauchart )

Reencounter with Alanna ( 1290 )

In 1290, Putnam and she would meet again, but by that time, Alanna had already become a perfect knight. After her next husband tried to abuse her and also didn't give her children.

In the legends of Fabiola, it is mentioned that she and Putnam had a last intimate encounter when they met again, but this could never be confirmed.

Alanna Pitch, circa 1290

Marriage with Aine ( 1290 - 1300 )

Shortly after his reunion with Alanna, the witcher would travel to Kerack, where he would meet the elf Aine. Of which he would end up falling in love and having a relationship with her, to the point of getting married. Becoming the witcher's longest relationship, until they both went their separate ways, for unknown reasons.

From this period, many adventures are told in the form of different ballads, but it is not known whether they are true or false. These include several adventures in Ofir and the northern Far East.

Which is true. Is that the Aen Woedde elf, helped Putnam a lot with his traumas and his Survivor's Syndrome.

Aine and Putnam ( Circa, 1293 ) [ Art by GuilDraws

Putnam and Aine in a tavern, circa 1291. Art by Guil Draws.

Discovery of the Western Continent with Fabio Sachs and his explorers ( 1300)

Putnam belonged to that group selected by Fabio personally to accompany him in his adventure beyond the Great Sea. The group left Novigrad looking for a new route to Melukka, but they ended up finding a new continent. The Western Continent, also called New World by some people.

The need for a new route to Melukka arose after the Haaks began their expansion in the Far East in 1298. Because the autarchic policy of the former Khagan prevented the trade of the Northern Kingdoms with the territories conquered by the Haaks. 

First route followed by Fabio Sachs' expedition to discover the Western Continent ( Art by V The Evil TV for The Witcher Fanon Wikia )

Putnam in this year ( Art by Pencilhead )


On the Island Kingdom of Basilia, Fabio's expedition to Melukka (later known as the New World Expedition) was forced to make a stop due to a powerful storm. On the island, they spent about a month, where they recovered, until they were finally able to continue.

Putnam during an event in Basilia (Art by Rauchart)


On this island, they made a stop to recover forces, in addition to establishing a small colony with some men. Unfortunately, the colony was not prosperous.

Silk Islands

First archipelago of the Western Continent discovered. In this, they had a small conflict with the islanders. But thanks to the help of religious missionaries who were on the expedition, they were able to solve them and continue as they had planned.

Western Continent

The expedition reached the Eastern Coast after a long time. There, they stayed for a long time and returned to report back to the Continent, following the same route as before.

Later, the first settlers of the Western Continent would imitate the same route followed by Fabio Sachs' expedition to reach it.

Haak Invasion of the Northern Kingdoms ( 1350 )

Being one of the few people who had spent time with the Haak, due to Fabio's expedition to the Far East in 1282 and still alive, Putnam was instrumental in stopping the Haak's expansion into the north after their invasion.

For this reason, the witcher was convinced to join the Northern Front since his knowledge of the enemy would be very useful in expelling it.

And indeed it was, as Putnam's knowledge of the Haak served to gradually stop the invasion what, with the passage of time and battles ended up granting the rank of General to the witcher. Who since joining the Northern Front had become yet another soldier in the service of the monarchs who had created that common army.

Meeting Adalwulf of Aedirn

The famous zulfiqar, it's a nice saber, I thought it didn't exist, you know, that it was a "bard's exaggeration", but I was wrong.
―Adalwulf to Putnam, during the time when the Northern Front camp was established in the ruins of the town of Kerack

One of the key factors, of the founding of the School of the Crane, added to later requests and his time at Skellige, was to have met "Sir Adalwulf of Aedirn" during his time on the Northern Front. The veteran (ex) School of the Wolf witcher and by this time, grandmaster of the School of the Fox, taught the Griffin a lot. Especially, when it came to military subjects, because of his veteranship in that area.

In addition to encouraging him, because of his skills, to found a new school of witchers if it were necessary.

Later, both witchers would meet again as grandmasters of their respective schools in meetings that they would organize over time.

In September of that same year, in the last battle of the invasion. The Battle of Mahakam, Putnam showed his courage and because of it, after the victory of the Northern Kingdoms and the expulsion of the Haak and their newly created empire to the East, Putnam was knighted, giving him the title of "Knight of the Northern Kingdoms" and "Protector of the North".

Increasing even more, its already popularity. Reaching the level of the White Wolf in the thirteenth century or Raven.

Second Conjunction of the Spheres and foundation of the School of the Crane (1380)

After the Second Conjunction of the Spheres occurred and the witchers were as needed as in the old times. Putnam decided to found a school on the Western Continent at the request of one of Fabio Sachs' grandchildren, who noticed that the witchers there were also in need. But above all, they were most needed protecting the ships that made the route between Cherdian and Novigrad. And so it was, along with the help of a sorcerer known as Jabolet and a knight known as Charz, that the School of the Crane was born.

Shortly after the school's birth, Putnam would adopt an orphaned haak child, whom he would call Stefan "The Crane", and this become the first student of that school.

During that time, Putnam would initiate a romantic relationship with the pirate Annie Boon. Who would die soon after in the Silk Islands due to a tropical disease.

Time as a pirate

After starting his relationship with Annie, he joined her crew. With the aim of earning enough money to get to create a fortress for the School of the Crane, since, despite the Second Conjunction, prejudices against witchers were still present.

It was a complicated time, but luckily for Putnam, his adopted son Stefan was still very young, so he could leave him in charge of other people as he made assaults on other ships along with Annie's crew.

Despite this criminal stage, Putnam was still characterized by helping others. Even after assaulting ships, he used to donate much of what he found to poor people. Keeping only the most valuable, which would help him find funding for the School of the Crane.

Turning him into a hero among the most poor. This would contribute to his posthumous sanctification after his death.

Something that made him have many enemies within Annie's crew as well as in other places like Fabiola.

After the death of their leader and on Putnam's orders, who was second in command. The crew of the ship called "Red Moon" would be dismissed and each disappeared making a new life.

His crimes would be forgiven, after Annie's death by falsely handing over her body, saying that he had killed her when she had actually died because of a tropical disease that she caught in the Silk Islands.

Apart from that, Putnam would be given land, labor and more money for the founding of the School of the Crane after the monster population became unsustainable on the sea routes and also on the new continent for the few remaining witchers.

Putnam in this year ( Art by Rauchart )

Time after the foundation of the Crane School, Putnam would have a semi-retreat at Cherdian (1500) . Where he would live, dedicating himself mainly to painting, but without giving up his job as a monster hunter.

Putnam during that time ( Art by Rauchart )


Putnam Pitch would die on May 11, 1555 in a last expedition led by a group of explorers from Fabiola to the north of the Western Continent which he defended from the attack of a native dragon. The monster that would later be known as Piasa. And like any other witcher, He did not die in his bed.

Putnam shortly before his death ( Art by Pencilhead )

Despite the discussions between the witchers of the School of the Crane and those of the School of the Griffin. His body was finally buried in Kaer Seren. His home and the place that saw him grow.

However, his sacrifice would not be forgotten and his life would be remembered. He would be named a saint by the fabiolan people. Since then, he would be known as Saint Putnam : Protector against darkness.

Some time later, his cult would surpass even that of Saint Elmo. 


  • Braith ( One time lover ) [ Druid ]
  • Tubiel of Brenna ( Wife ) [ Witcheress ]
  • Alanna Pitch ( Second wife ) [ Knight ]
  • Aine Pitch (Third wife )
  • Calina ( One time lover ) [ Merchant of Cidaris ]
  • Frigga ( Lover ) [ Shieldmaiden ]
  • Triss Merigold ( One time lover ) [ Sorceress ]
  • Dragonfly ( Girlfriend) [ Witcheress ]
  • Adela ( Lover ) [ Witcheress ]
  • Roxana ( Lover ) [ Queen of Parth ]
  • Circe of Kust ( Lover ) [ Sorceress ]
  • Ameena ( One time lover )
  • Radeyah ( Girlfriend ) [ Sorceress ]
  • Vara ( Lover ) [ Succubus ]
  • Tempest ( Lover ) [ Witcheress ]
  • Makeda ( Girlfriend ) [ Princess of Zangvebar ]
  • Ciri ( One time lover ) [ Witcheress ]
  • Mazheva ( Lover ) [ Oyruhr Princess ]
  • Keira Metz ( Girlfriend ) [ Sorceress ]
  • Annie Boon ( Girlfriend ) [ Pirate ]
  • Kai Yih (Girlfriend ) [ Pirate ]
  • Mozaïk ( Lover ) [ Sorceress ]
  • Eina ( Lover ) [Witcheress ]


Known enemies

  • Vildkaarls [ Warrior brotherhood ]
  • Mimit [ Mage ]
  • Nelea Sova [ Mage ]
  • The Whites Cheetahs [ Criminal organization ]
  • Brehen [ Witcher ]
  • Donnchad Da [ Mage ]
  • Corvo [ Witcher ]
  • Chalik´s regime [ Government ]
  • The Great Order [ Military religious order ]
  • The Big Four [ Criminal organization ]
  • Kum Sorcerers [ Mage organization ]
  • Mage Society of Zangvebar [ Mage organization ]
  • Lambert [ Witcher ]


  • Nibras ( Biological father ) [ Malliq of Ofir ]
  • Nelea Sova ( Biological mother ) [ Queen and Crown Sorceress of Ofir ]
  • Mimit ( Twin brother ) [ Sorcerer ]
  • Sirvat ( Step brother ) [ Crown prince of Ofir ]
  • Nurshah ( Step sister ) [ Crown princess of Ofir ]
  • Johan Pitch ( Adoptive father ) [ Farmer ]
  • Matlena ( Mother figure ) [ Witcheress ]
  • Ealdred ( Adoptive uncle ) [ Witcher ]
  • Olivier of Gulet ( Adoptive uncle ) [ Witcher ]
  • Coën ( Adoptive brother ) [ Witcher ]
  • Dasnarr ( Adoptive sister ) [ Witcheress ]
  • Kandaze ( Adoptive sister ) [ Witcheress ]
  • Tubiel of Brenna ( Wife ) [ Witcheress ]
  • Alanna Pitch ( Second wife ) [ Knight ]
  • Aine Pitch ( Third wife )
  • Sigurd Pitch of Brenna ( Adoptive son )
  • Stefan "The Crane" ( Adoptive son ) [ Witcher ]
  • Orser "The Robin" ( Adoptive son ) [ Witcher ]
  • Ucalt "The Vulture" ( Adoptive son ) [ Witcher ]
  • Ezeld "The Parrot" ( Adoptive son ) [ Witcher ]
  • Acol "The I´iwi" ( Adoptive son ) [ Witcher ]
  • Deeran "The Hoa" ( Adoptive son ) [ Witcher ]
  • Enu "The Flamingo" ( Adoptive son ) [ Witcher ]
  • Uzoma "The Alicanto" ( Adoptive son ) [ Witcher ]
  • Idowu "The Benu" ( Adoptive son ) [ Witcher ]
  • Math "The Boobrie" ( Adoptive son ) [ Witcher ]
  • Halsey "The Basan" (Adoptive daughter ) [ Witcheress ]


Personality and traits

As legendary as Erland of Larvik himself, if not more.
Stefan "The Crane", Putnam's adopted son

"The body of a witcher and the spirit of a knight errant" That's how most people who knew Putnam defined him in big words. Let's say that Putnam was one of the few witchers who, for his time, maintained to a certain degree the spirit of the Order of Witchers. From which they would later derive their schools.

Characterized by his sense of justice and duty. Putnam was one of the few witchers, who really had a code. Following as example and moral compass. The code of the witchers used by the Griffins with some modifications.

Reserved but polite to strangers. Affectionate, loyal and close to his own. Naive and innocent at times. Dangerous if his anger was unleashed an idealistic guy of solid principles. Ethical and conscientious with a strong sense of good and evil. 

Critic and perfectionist with himself. Somewhat impatient, but at the same time wise, perceptive, comprehensive, sincere, kind, friendly, generous, realistic , self-confident, charming, attractive, competent in his work, noble and morally heroic. 

In short, a role model for others.

In spite of all its virtues, Putnam had with many fears and flaws. Among those who highlighted their fear of being evil, make mistakes, be sentimental, flattering, obsequious, corrupt, persistent or despicable. 

His appearance was notable for his height, his heterochromatic eyes and his athletic body covered with scars. Like others of his profession.

His hairless body also stood out, with the exception of the head area. All this caused by the possession of the Manisa Genesis

Putnam scars ( Art by Guil Draws )

Putnam scars part II ( Art by Guil Draws )

Religious beliefs

Putnam, because of his education was an atheist, but after the Magne Massacre he acquired some faith. He did not become a religious fanatic like Merten, but he did begin to believe in the gods (especially after his experience in Elysium)


  • Source
  • Drawing / Painting
  • Swordsmanship
  • Bomb - making
  • Expert Hand to Hand Combatant.
  • Using the crossbow [ Taught by Kai Yih ]
  • Witcher mutations
  • Extra mutations : Because of the experiments he was subjected to by his brother, Putnam acquired certain capabilities that his original mutations did not give him.
    • Enhanced hearing sensitivity than an ordinary witcher what it does, that even the noise of a simple bug can get to annoy him.
    • Ability to smell human pheromones and this is one of the main reasons ( apart others in his normal witcher biology ) because Putnam gets laid so much.
    • Increased ability to hold one's breath under water
    • More resistance to the water pressure.
    • Increased impact resistance.
    • Increased jumping capacity.
  • Signs
  • Alchemy


  • Griffin School armor :Despite being the founder of a new school. Putnam kept all the elements of the school he came from. Striking a balance between protection and flexibility, the armor crafted for witchers of the Griffin School was reflective of its teachings. Constructed around a thigh-length padded gambeson overlaid with studded leather, the few steel splints used to reinforce its sleeves were shaped and imbued with runes which intensified the power of the wearer's signs, well-suited to the Griffin School's emphasis on the cantrips. 
  • Griffin School Silver Sword : Sword forged in Mahakam by the dwarves. A commission from his adopted brother Coën following the characteristic specifications of a witcher's sword. A gift from him, for his 16 birthday.
  • Ofieri steel witcher saber from the extinct School of the Scorpion : Gift made by Maliq Nibras after rescuing his daughter from the Omeya Sorcerers. A relic from past times restored by the best blacksmiths in the Far South country.
  • Journal : Like any other witcher, Putnam has a journal. Where he goes pointing out important facts and other things, like confrontations with monsters, etc.. A part of the journal is also a bestiary where Putnam further develops his research into the creatures he faces. In addition to drawing them. Following to some degree, the teachings of one of his masters Jorstadt "The Owl"
  • Crossbow: Kai Yih's gift after his return from the expedition to the Far East. Originally, it belonged to her. It was the same with the Kai Yih taught him and gave it to him as a gift so that he could remember her in some way.
  • Dimeritium earring: Given by Braith, so that Putnam could regulate his abilities as a Source and could be trained in the use of Signs in a normal way.
  • Silver chain : Used to combat monsters such as strigas.


  • Putnam have wintered in Kaer Morhen and in Haern Caduch.
  • Apart from Geralt of Rivia other childhood idols of Putnam were George of Kagen and Raven.
  • For a long time, and despite complaints from Tubiel of Brenna Putnam wore a headband like Geralt of Rivia But he lost it during the Magne Massacre and after those events did not wear one again, due to the bad memories it brought him.
  • He also has a small pain in his left arm, as a result of the tortures to which he was subjected by his brother. This is not a nuisance, except when Putnam is under a lot of stress. This pain, above all, occurs when he visits places that have been important for him and Tubiel.
  • The scar Putnam has on his lip was made by Tempest during his duel in the catacombs.
  • Alanna Pitch is a a reference to Alanna of Trebond from the Tortall universe
  • Like many witchers, Putnam knows good places to eat, but because of his time with Fabio he has contacts almost anywhere he goes.
  • "Eagle Bearer" is a reference to the videogame Assasin Creed Odissey.
  • The Republic of Arcadia is a reference to Goethe's play, Faust. Where a city with the same name, appears.
  • Swenland is a reference to The North, a kingdom in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire books.
  • The title "Knight of the Northern Kingdoms" is a GOT reference.
  • Fabio's only son was named Putnam, after his witcher friend who had accompanied him and saved his life on so many occasions.
  • Putnam is 6,2 ft ( 1.92 m) tall.
  • The Manisa Genesis is inspired by the Alexandria Genesis.
  • The Trial of the Pendulum is inspired by this post in The Witcher Amino.
  • The Trial of Rememberance is inspired by this post in The Witcher Amino.
  • The Trial of the Stone Wall is inspired by this post in The Witcher Amino.
  • The Trial of the Contract is inspired by this post in The Witcher Amino.
  • Putnam was the creator of the "White - Haired Codex " followed by witchers in Fabiolan countries. Inspired of course in his idol from the childhood Geralt of Rivia.
  • Dragonfly was the cause of Putnam's scar on his right buttock.
  • Annie Boon is a reference to famous pirate from the 18th century: Anne Bonny.
  • Kai Yih is a reference to famous chinese pirate from the 18th -19th century: Ching Shih.