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Necrophage Homeworld is the world of the Necrophages and is populated by the various types of Necrophage. The sentient species of this world are Cemetaurs, Graveirs and Hags. With the other Necrophage species being closer to animals than sentient beings.

Relation with The World

Their relationship with The World is limited to more than being one of the many worlds that crossed during the Conjunction of the Spheres and liberated several monsters/beasts in The World. This is the world that introduced the Necrophage classification of beings into The World.

Notable Races

  • Bullvores
  • Cemetaurs (Female)
    • Graveirs (Male)
  • Drowners (Bestial Intellect, no better than a predatory fish)
    • Drowned Dead (Bestial Intellect)
    • Mucknixer (Bestial Intellect)
  • Foglets
  • Ghouls (Bestial Intellect)
    • Alghouls (Bestial Intellect)
  • Hags
  • Rotfiend (Male) (Bestial Intellect)
    • Devourers (Male) (Bestial Intellect)
    • Greater Rotfiends (Bestial Intellect)
    • Scurver (Bestial Intellect)
  • Wights (Bestial Intellect)
    • Spotted Wights (Bestial Intellect)


  • A current theory is there is no Necrophage Homeworld and rather Necrophages come from Tír na nÓg, this is supported by the presence of these creatures and they having a place in the natural order of the world.