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A mula or moola is a type of intelligent vampire. Same as bruxae, alps and higher vampires, they are immune to sun, and can be sometimes mistaken with the previous two especially when they are disguised as a human. Based on a conversation between the Bruxa Verenna and the Witcher Geralt of Rivia it can be assumed that the Mula species can come in both male and female varieties though it should be note that unlike their cousin species of the Bruxa and the Alp that the Mula species has larger numbers of the male variety than female. Mula are the largest vampire species when transformed into their hybrid form.


Human form: Like a regular (but beautiful) human, but with a feature or two that gives away their inhuman nature. They can be large and muscular or have strange eyes for example.

Vampire-Hybrid Form: Seven feet tall, musclebound with reddish skin through which pulsing glowing blue blood veins can be seen. They are entirely hairless. Females can be differentiated from males even when transformed by slighter size and the presence of larger pectoral muscles similar to breasts. They possess long pointed ears similar to an Aen Seidhe and a bat-like face with a bisected nose and long fangs instead of human canine teeth.


  • Blood Rage: After drinking blood, a Mula will enter a blood rage state marked by glowing eyes, in which it is faster and hits harder.
  • Invisibility: A Mula like its cousin species the Bruxa can turn invisible at will.
  • Leaping: A Mula can jump a large distance, knocking over objects that maybe in its way.
  • Limited Polymorphy: The Mula has two forms a human form that they disguise themselves in while travelling among mortals and their true humanoid large muscular form. A Mula like other Higher Vampires can also partially transform parts of their body resulting in the following abilities.
    • Retractable claws: foot and a half long claws easily capable of piercing flesh and deflecting iron.
    • Retractable sharp teeth for biting and feeding.
    • Superhuman sense of smell. Being able to smell blood from a mile away.
    • Superhuman strength in her human form and bat form.
    • Large bat-like ears for superhuman hearing.
    • A set of eyes allowing the Mula to see in the dark.
    • Using their claws and supernatural brute strength a Mula is able to cling to walls and ceilings in both their human and hybird-vampire forms.
  • Mist: A Mula can change into mist. It can then travel through other creatures and can materialize again in another place. While in mist form a Mula can regenerate its health to prevent this a Witcher can attack the Mula with Igni to bring him out of mist form and cause him damage.
  • Otherworldly Language: Mula naturally speak the Vampire language which sounds to humans as a silent, shrill, and sickening inhuman language.
  • Telepathy: Like most Higher Vampires, Mula have the ability to telepathically communicate with their prey and other beings.


Iron and steel do not cause as much damage as silver does to them so using a silver sword is preferable when fighting them.


Mula like their cousins the Bruxa and the Alp are immune to sunlight. making them more difficult to discern as a vampire while they are in human form.

Mulas are also immune to the Witcher sign of Axii.


Wounded by the Silver swords usually carried by Witcher, the effects of the Black Blood Potion and a Vampire Oil covered sword. It is implied by Regis that a combination of silver, dalvinite and meteorite steel is the only metal capable of withstanding a Higher Vampire, thus it would also be effective against a Mula.



Notable Mula

  • Broamorax, a male Mula and the first killed by Adalwulf of Aedirn in the year 1202.
  • Strerghax, the male half of a mated pair of Mula killed on a contract by Adalwulf of Aedirn which was the reason he missed the Witcher Tournament that would be a crucial point in the decline of the School of the Wolf.
  • Ezre, the female half of a mated pair of Mula killed on a contract by Adalwulf of Aedirn.


  • Though it isn't outright stated there is a sort of natural hierarchy to the vampire species, it works as follows from strongest to weakest.
    • Higher Vampires
      • True Higher Vampire
      • Manananggals
      • Mula
      • Bruxa
      • Alp
      • Nosferat
      • Katakan
    • Lesser Vampires
      • Garkain
      • Strigoi
      • Ekimma
      • Fleder
      • Plumard