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Merio was an cat school Witcher that eventually began fighting in the ranks of the Scoia'tael. He was known by these names:

  • The Human Hunter
  • The Elven Cat
  • The Scoia'tael Nightmare

Early Life

Merio was born in non-human camp in the west of Nilfgaard. His family was killed in the raid of the camp by the prince of the Indigo District. As a 5 year old orphan Merio was taken by School of the Cat witchers for training.

The Story of Joining the Scoia'tael

Unfortunately, his master was slayed by Leo Bonhart, a well known mercenary. Later when he was 60, Merio was travelling when he met a commando of Scoia'tael warriors. Merio took a job to lift a curse on the forest where the Scoia'tael were living. When he finished lifting the curse a group of Nilfgaardian soldiers attacked the forest. Then Merio made a decision to help the Scoia'tael making himself a wanted man by the Indigo District. After he broke the witcher "neutrality" Merio became a member of the Scoia'tael, mostly he was a lonely wolf traveling across the continent fighting for the Elven couse.

Assassination of the Prince

In the year 1201 Merio was the assasin in the "Indigo Prince Assassination". The Witcher killed the racist prince while he was out travelling.

From then on Merio was the most wanted Scoia'tael in the west part of the country. Merio was running away from the Nilfgaardian forces. His plan was to get past Nilfgaard borders and travel to the non-human city people were talking about.

Imprisonment and Escape

When the Elven Witcher finally got to the city, he noticed that it was all a trap. Northern kingdoms mostly disliking the non-humans warriors made a conspiracy to capture the leaders and forces of the non-human rebellion. Merio was bought by Nilfgaard for them to torture and kill.

Merio was rescued by the Scoia'tael while he was being taken for the death sentence after his torture. Nilfagaardians chased them for couple of weeks. Finally the Merio and his allies escaped.

Speculation about Merio's Later Life

There is no later trustworthy information where is Merio right now. Some speculate that he is still fighting in the Scoia'tael, others think that he died of his torture wounds. Officially Nilfgaard forces say that he was killed by one of their patrols although the body was never recovered.


  • Merio's master was the original owner of the medallion in the possession of the Cat medallion that Leo Bonhart had, which ended up in the possession of Ciri.