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"Sounds like a stupid idea. Let's do it."
―Vane, before getting thrown into a cell with Lambert

Merave Vassatt is a farmer's daughter who, unbeknownst to her, had become the child of surprise for an unknown Witcher of the School of the Viper even before her birth. The fate was kept from her until the day he came to collect what was his. Not surprised by the fact that the child was a girl, he took her to the keep and her new life began. But during her training she experienced a conduit moment, which also connected her to the sorceresses of Aretuza. In the end her life was spent split in two, in a way, and she became not just a Witcher, but also a mage. She spent most of her time traveling, taking contracts and avoiding the life at court.


There are different sides to her that always seem to show around different people. But no matter if she shows kindness or hostility, she always carries herself with pride. Not quite as arrogant as some fellow mages, not as cold and emotionless as people claim Witchers to be. She genuinely cares about those she lets into her life and towards them, but also children, she will show kindness. Around strangers she prefers to wait and see what tone might be best to take.

Physical Appearance

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Child of Dravograd

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Two Halves of a whole

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Among Wolves

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Life on the Path

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  • Drethar Vassatt: She never had a good connection with her father and after he passed didn't return to the farm, even though it belongs to her.
  • Inea Vassatt: Her mother had always been her favorite person, but she never forgave her for not telling her the truth about the Law of Surprise.
  • Unknown Viper Witcher: A name long forgotten, a man who took her from her family and brought her to Gorthur Gvaed to be trained. Nothing else connects them as he never cared about her.
  • Lambert: Many years ago, when she was younger, the Young Wolf had met her without knowing what she was and for a time they loved each other. It didn't last but they still get on well.
  • Vesemir: The Old Wolf captured her heart during a contract and they shared a bed for a few years before their paths split. But she still cares about him.

Skills and Abilities

Over the course of her life she has gained and honed quite a few skills. Though some are merely a magical 'copy' of the real thing.

  • Dual-wielding daggers -
  • Swordsmanship -
  • Witcher Senses - Magically enhanced senses made permanent to mirror actual Witcher senses
  • Hand to Hand Combat Expertise -
  • Enhanced Agility -
  • Enhanced Speed -
  • Enhanced Reflexes -
  • Magic -


  • Vane owns a dapple grey stallion called Glacier, a fluffy and hardy warhorse from Skellige.
  • She would do anything to avoid life at court.
  • She highly prefers a good ale over wine.
  • Her winters are spent either among the Wolves or in the wilds by herself.
  • Her armor covers a lot of scars. She remembers exactly what caused each one.
  • Despite usually being quiet and surprisingly kind she has a volatile temper.
  • She despises most Viper Witchers.