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Matlena was a witcheress from the Griffin School.


Early life

Not much is known about her early life. Judging by her birthname, Maatleena, she could be of Metinnese origin, but all she remembered from the childhood were the snowy peaks near the Griffin Keep in the North.

Romancing Zamir

Some time after starting her Path she became lover of witcher Zamir from the Cat School, but without being commited to emotional side of the relationship.

Coën's adoption

At some point in the 13th century Zamir died, leaving his disciple, young Coën, without a tutor. It was Matlena who took the poorly-mutated boy and took him to her homekeep.

Depending on the player's choice:
It was intended that she could romance then-adult Coën during the action of the mod, about twenty years after she brought him to the keep.

Contract in Velhad

In late 1230s she ventured Far North, to Northern Velhad. She was hired to take care of wights bothering the nearby villages from an ancient wall of wood, stone and ice. Once she examinated the wall's interiors, she realized that the wight presence was a result of an ancient elven curse: they had been created by Aen Seidhe as undead watchers protecting them from the Winter Queen.

She concluded that the easiest way to get rid of the wights would be to destroy the wall. Since the explosion would be too expensive, she decided to use the half-legendary horn of Yoër Mhund. The horn, said to be able to destroy the wall, had been in possession of Velhad rulers for ages – and, currently, of the rebellious Fialka.

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Further life

Some time later, in 1253. Matlena would join Jerome Moreau and other School of the Griffin witchers in their attempt to rebuild and reconstitute the school after the attack it suffered in 1249.

Exercising as a mother figure, for witchers like Putnam Pitch. In addition to tutoring, in various subjects, such as bomb-making and social etiquette. During Coën's travels and after his death, she was in charge of imparting sword combat to the youngest witchers.

She was also in charge of giving Putnam the sword that Coën ordered for him for his 16th birthday to the dwarves.

Behind the scenes

  • She was planned as the player character of D'ao Team's adventure for The Witcher 2. The plans were however abandoned. Interestingly, some elements assumed by the mod's authors actually turned out to be correct few years later, e.g. Coën being trained in the Griffin School.
  • Zamir appeared in The Crossroads, an adventure for The Witcher by Ifrit team.
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