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Grandmaster Kodan was one of the first generation witchers and the founder of the Cat School.


Early life

Kodan was born as a bastard son of baron of Tigg and an elven woman from the castle's outskirts. After his father learnt of his existence, he and his mother were exiled to avoid scandal. They eventually reached Maribor, where Kodan was sold to sorcerer Alzur. While Alzur's master, Cosimo Malaspina, was hesitant to approve not-fully human child, Alzur reasoned that there could be no improvement without experiment.

The mutations went suprisingly well, although with one side-effect – Kodan became extremely flayed of emotions, even more than the other participating children. As such, he did not understand several dictates of the Witcher Code and struggled to understand human relationships.

School founder

Few decades later, Kodan finally concluded that if the witcher order is to function, it must abandon its idealistic approach and focus entirely on professionality and logic. After years of wandering through realms, he finally settled in Stygga, a citadel granted him by Queen of Ebbing in exchange for "occasional" help in dealing with her not-only monster enemies. Kodan agreed and the infamous non-neutrality of the Cat School was born.

As the Grandmaster, he was fond of non-conservative approaches and often agreed to change some elements in formulas or mutagens, believing that the key to exterminate monsters the witchers must be diverse. Several different experiments were so conducted, on children regardless of sex and race – often with tragic results. Despite the extreme rate of mortality during the trials, Kodan pushed more and more experiments, dictating that the needs of the monster-threatened societies outweigh the lives of few children and teenagers.


Such approach had ultimately led to his downfall. In 1156, he was "the first witcher to almost die in bed", garrotted by emotionally-unstable student Treyse in the Grandmaster's bedchambers. After the death of Kodan and other masters, a new generation of Cat witchers, fully embraced in emotions, took the control over the school.