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I have no idea how he survived.

Kemro of Cintra was a witcher from the School of the Griffin and later of the School of the Fox and a close friend of Putnam Pitch.


Early Life 

Not much is known about Kemro's life. The only thing that is known is that he was born into a very poor family in Cintra. Where he was repudiated because he was born as a hermaphrodite.

At some point, he was rescued by Coën who would take him to Kaer Seren to turn him into a witcher.

In the year 1275 together with Putnam Pitch and Zivor of Redania would graduate as a witcher from the School of the Griffin.

Personality & Traits 

Kemro had an ironic and sarcastic personality. Which contrasted strongly with that of his companions, especially Putnam Pitch who had a much more heroic and chivalrous personality.




  • Kemro has a very androgynous face and body.
  • The mutations atrophied him even more the both sexes he possessed which practically left him with just a hole to pee through. Although he always identified himself as a boy.
  • He is always accompanied by Zivor of Redania