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Jalast was an exiled School of the Griffin Witcher who would become a Elite Witcher in the School of the Fox. He also serves as the School's Librarian and Loremaster.


Early Life

The child who would come to be known as Jalast was taken to become a Witcher when he was a toddler, approximately 2 years old. He had no memories of life before becoming a Witcher and had nothing to cling to when taking the Trial of the Grasses.

Jalast is taken to the School of the Griffin

'Jalast' the name given to him by his foster Witcher father was brought to Kaer y Seren at the age of two and was raised by girls who had been claimed as Law of Surprise gifts, until he could start training. The life of a Witcher is all he's ever known.

Training at Kaer y Seren

During his six years of training before receiving his trials Jalast made a fast friend in his early years of witcher training. �The rough training and dangerous situations sealed the boys' bond which grew stronger with each passing year.


The age at which Jalast underwent mutations was 8. Jalast, was not subjected to extra experiments during his initial trials and was marked as having passable mutations.

The Choice

Jalast was subjected to the Choice, eating the herbs and mushrooms alongside his training, his reaction to the experience was noted as being within the norm of expectations.

Trial of the Grasses

Jalast passed The Trial of the Grasses without any unforeseen problems. While his training had been somewhat easier because of his 'young age', his lack of memories did not help him during the seven days in which he took the Trial of the Grasses.

Trial of the Dreams

Jalast underwent the Trial of the Dreams to mutate his eyes. He showed no issue with the procedure.

Trial of the Pendulum

The Trial of the Pendulum further improved on the physical mutations received during the second trial (namely mutated eyes. bone marrow and hormones). The mutations received at this trial would give Jalast the ability to predict his opponents moves more accurately by inducing a kind of battle trance. Time would also appear to slow by a fraction of a second allowing Jalast to be able to better land critical blows to his intended target.

Trial of Remembrance

Upon completing the Trial of the Mountains Jalast would continue to be trained in legendary alchemical arts of ages yet past. The minds of Griffin Witcher Trainees who turned out stronger than the others, would be sent deep into the library of Kaer y Seren to delve deep into different knowledges. This would result in them using potions, bombs, and oils more effectively than even the strongest Witchers.

Trial of Forest Eyes

Executed in a different way between the griffins due to the climatic conditions of Kovir but maintaining its same essence.

Trial of the Stone Wall

Trial performed so that the Witchers of the School of the Griffin were able to resist more strong potions like Tawny Owl or Thunderbolt. The Trial of the Stone Wall was a test of strength, endurance, toxic resistance and brute force. Unlike other Witcher trials and their respected schools scattered across The Continent, the Trial of the Stone Wall focuses on heavy potion usage and pure strength to overcome difficult obstacles and monsters.

  1. The first step taken in the trail is to acquire the ingredients for a potion called "Full Moon" the potion ingredients consist of Dwarven Spirit, Wolf's Bane and Dark Essence. The test would force the trainee into using brute force/intimidation or in the case of School of the Griffin trainees charisma to acquire Dwarven Spirit from merchants or store owners seeing as how no currency would be given upon start of the trial, secondly the ingredient known as Wolf's Bane would be also acquired by delving into hazardous caves and scouting the tunnels for the particular herb. This would also test the Witchers ability to escape narrow paths and traverse rough ground, this helped more than realized as Witchers would traverse hostile monster lairs. The final ingredient needed would be Dark Essence, the Witcher would need to scour elven ruins to find and eliminate Nightwraiths for the ingredient. The first test would push the limits of the Witcher, showing the trainees that their profession and life wouldn't be so cut and dry.
  2. After acquiring the ingredients, one would first need to brew these together to create the elixir known as Full Moon. When brewed and consumed, Full Moon gave the Witcher trainee a higher tolerance to damage. It also gave the user increased health and physically improved the strength and mass of the Witcher trainee, after being consumed the Witcher trainee would fistfight guest fighters invited by the School unlike the School of the Bear who would literally fistfight a bear. The trainee would fight their fighter unarmed and with no protection whatsoever, other than the potion that they had consumed. After defeating the fighter, the trainee would be given back their gear and would have to take on a contract to finally cement their place amongst the cat-eyed monster hunters.
  3. For the final test of the trial, the Witcher trainees would need to find a moderately challenging monster contract to cement their place in their Witcher guild. Upon completion of the previous test, another Witcher would pass the trainee a list of optional targets to hunt and slay. This would set the trainee on a path to becoming fully fledged Witcher, the monster list would contain two difficult monsters that needed to be slain, also the trainee would need to take a trophy from the monster corpse to pass the trial. The first monster was a Wyvern, Wyverns are great flying reptiles with snake like necks and long tails that end in a venomous trident. Swooping down from the sky, they easily snatch their prey and carry it off to their nest. And they do not much care if it is a sheep or a man. The other monster would be the water hag, like the drowners and swamp bints with whom they often share hunting grounds, well near shallow streams, rivers, and wetlands. Though bulky, they are excellent swimmers. They can even swim through thick mud with astonishing agility, surfacing beside their victims to attack them with their sickle-shaped claws. After eliminating one of these and recovering the trophy, the Witcher trainee would bring it back to the School of the Griffin and be given an uncharged school medallion, a new silver sword and the appropriately ranked Griffin armor.

Circle of the Elements


Trial of the Contract


Jalast graduates from the Griffin School (1100)


Jalast hunts a Green Hag and made an enemy (1110)

Jalast hunted a Green Hag along a river in the Hengefor's Laague, the employer initially refused to pay because they turned out to be to blame for the Green Hag's presence in the area as the Green Hag turned out to be an advisor the employer had hired from another area. Jalast makes an enemy of a female criminal who cheated him out of some knowledge for the School of the Griffin's Library by backstabbing him, Jalast killed her two decades later when she attempted to cheat another Griffin out of a valuable book.

Jalast works for a nobleman in Kovir and Poviss

For a time Jalast worked for a nobleman. The pay was good, but it was strange and aggravating to have to hide most of his actions to avoid shaming the family by bringing their secrets to light.

Witcher Tournament ( 1210s - 1220s )


First Northern War (1262 - 1263)


Second Northern War (1267 - 1268)


Third Northern War ( 1271 - 1272 )


Second Conjunction of the Spheres (1358)


Personality and Traits

Ginger, shoulder-length hair awkwardly hangs over a frowning face. Bright amber eyes, set elegantly within their sockets, watch gratefully over their brother and sister Witchers they've rarely felt at home at for so long.

Smooth skin beautifully compliments his eyes and leaves a satisfying memory of his upbringing.

This is the face of Jalast, a true globetrotter among Griffin Witchers, now a member of the School of the Fox. He stands awkwardly among others, despite his brawny frame.

There's something curious about him, perhaps it's his sense of comradery or perhaps it's simply his sense of humor. But nonetheless, people tend to take pride in knowing him as a friend, while treating him to a good meal when he's around.

Skills and Abilities

Trained Abilities

  • Crossbowmanship: While it wasn't a weapon he was originally trained in, Jalast adapted to the use of crossbows to hunt monsters. He used his enhanced senses to make highly accurate shots like at a distance or in pitch darkness.
  • Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Like other witchers, Jalast learned to protect himself without his swords, able to defeat multiple armed opponents while being unarmed. His enhanced strength and knowledge of both humanoid and monster anatomy allows Caldigi a better chance unarmed than most people, able to shatter humanoid bones and use monstrous momentum against large monsters to throw them to the ground.
  • Swordsmanship: Like most Griffins, Jalast was thoroughly trained in fencing, particularly the style practiced by the School of the Griffin, The Viroledan Naev'de Feaine Glaeddyv, or Nine Sun Swords.
  • Witcher genetic mutations: Before even entering adolescence, witchers apprentices were subjected to painful and potentially lethal mutative procedures with the goal of reshaping their bodies. The result of these mutations, when successful, were strength and speed far exceeding that of a normal human, capable of matching those creatures which preyed upon humanoids.
    • Sterility (which partially explains selection from outsiders, as they cannot breed to pass on their traits).
    • Cat-like eyes that grant very acute night-vision - witchers can constrict their pupils to see in blinding light or open them to see in near pitch darkness. This night-vision can be further enhanced with the cat potion, but in general, it is good enough by itself to not require further enhancement. Their entire sensory system is overall enhanced, allowing them to identify the species of animal from the scent of their blood, and detect nearby beings even when out of sight.
    • Witchers possess a disease resistance that borders on absolute immunity. This tremendous resistance to disease (which functions in most cases as complete immunity) and a boosted immune system, allowing them to consume large quantities of potions that could prove easily deadly if consumed even in small amounts by a normal man.
    • Witchers possess a enhanced peak human condition brought about by training and mutations which results in exceptionally enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, and endurance, far beyond any normal or well-trained human, that allows them to swiftly end fights with minimal effort, and perform physical feats non-witchers couldn't hope to match. A Witcher's physical skills alone are sufficient to defeat most monsters single-handedly if combined with extensive training and proper weaponry, whereas regular men could only hope to accomplish this in large groups. Witchers have also been shown to shrug off hits that would normally render normal men unconscious. Additionally, they have been known to survive the strikes of powerful monsters such as giants, or other beings possessing herculean strength, that would otherwise kill others with a single blow. Its generally thought a Witcher is 10x stronger than a normal man.
    • Having the ability to perform simple yet incredibly versatile simple magic in the form of signs. They also develop a sixth sense that allows them to "feel" things around them, be it items of importance or people's immediate intentions. This explains their uncanny ability to track and hunt people and monsters.
    • Witchers' possess a Regenerative Healing Factor usually granting quick(er) recovery from injuries. While not instant healing a Witcher's healing time is highly unusual taking a fraction of the time to heal as well as surviving more deadly wounds possible. For example when slashed in the neck by a Striga's talons the famed Witcher Geralt of Rivia it only took him a few days to heal before he was back on The Path.
    • Witchers' possess the ability to receive mutagenic materials from monsters and process it into their being through Witcher decoctions. This allows a Witcher to take on traits and the improved conditions of the monster, this is a incredibly dangerous process so a Witcher can only handle one or two decoctions at a time, as a inbred safety precaution if a Witcher already has two decoctions in their system and takes a third one, the oldest decoction's effects are overwritten.
    • It is unknown if a Witcher has semi-immortality or a life extension as no known Witcher has died of natural causes but Witchers have incredibly long lifespans and prolonged youth. While each Witcher is different, a Witcher's known life expectancy is varied as they usually died in battle.

Witcher Achievements

  • Beasts:
    • TBA
  • Cursed Ones:
    • TBA
  • Draconids:
    • TBA
  • Elementa:
    • TBA
  • Humans/Non-humans:
    • TBA
  • Hybrids:
    • TBA
  • Insectoids:
    • TBA
  • Necrophages:
    • Green Hag (x1) {1110-Jalast hunts a Green Hag}
  • Ogroids:
    • TBA
  • Relicts:
    • TBA
  • Specters:
    • TBA
  • Vampires:
    • TBA


  • Jalast has wintered in The Griffin School Keep of Kaer y Seren, and The Fox School Keep of Burov Mylne.
  • Jalast is ?'??" ft ( ? m) tall.
  • The Trial of the Pendulum is inspired by this post in The Witcher Amino.
  • The Trial of Remembrance is inspired by this post in The Witcher Amino.
  • The Trial of the Stone Wall is inspired by this post in The Witcher Amino.
  • The Trial of the Contract is inspired by this post in The Witcher Amino.