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Istredd was a well-respected sorcerer in the city of Aedd Gynvael with a keen interest in archaeology. As a young apprentice, he studied under Roedskilde in Ban Ard.

Many years after graduating and because of his interest in archaeology, he would join two of the various Fabio Sachs' Expeditions.


Early life


Life as a young criminal in the streets of Aedd Gynvael


Stealing Roedskilde

Working as a resident mage in the city of Aedd Gynvael replacing Ilde, Roedskilde was stolen by a young Istredd, using simple magic, Shortly thereafter, he would suffer a second robbery and end up catching the boy using magic. Realizing his potential, he would go to the orphanage where he lived and "adopt" him and then take him to Ban Ard for proper training and education.

Some rumors mention that in reality, Istredd is the bastard son of Roedskilde with a noble koviri who abandoned him because of that condition, but none of this has ever been confirmed.

Tutelage at Ban Ard


Earning the respect of the people of Aedd Gynvael


Working as a spy


Meeting Yennefer 

Betrayal of Trust 

Excavation in Nazair

Travel to Ofir

Shortly after his work in Nazair, following his studies on the ancient history of the Continent. The sorcerer would travel to Ofir. Following the clues provided by the megaliths of the region. These gave information about the different vrans cultures that developed across a large part of the Continent before the Conjunction. In exchange for providing all this information to the Malliq and its scholars.

Relationship with Radeyah

During this time, Istredd met the sorceress, Radeyah. Which helped him during his research on the new monoliths. Although she was actually looking for an ancient Vran artifact of powerful magic. During that time together, they approached each other and ended up having a brief relationship, which would last until Radeyah got the object she needed from the mage's excavations.

The Artifact


Saving Yennefer


Istredd and Yennefer ( Art by Guil Draws )

Shard of Ice

However, because of some troubles in the city after Yennefer's departure, Istredd ended up helping Geralt when he faced the renegade witcher, Dermot Marranga and his men.

Bad News


"Death" of Yennefer in the Rivian Pogrom

June 1268






Yennefer's "Funeral"


Relationship with Margarita


Approaching dark magic

Helping Geralt to rescue Yennefer from the Wild Hunt

August - September 1269


Reuniting with Yennefer

August 1272


Marriage with Yennefer


Meeting Fabio Sachs in Oxenfurt



Travel with Fabio Sachs around The Continent towards the Far East

1282 - 1284


Travel with Fabio Sachs around The Continent to the Far North

1286 - 1288

Further life

It is unknown what became of the sorcerer's life many years later. Like many people of his time, his life is divided between reality and legend. Some say that in the end the sorceress left again and did not end up choosing him for good, nor the witcher. Others say, that he died while buried during an excavation and the craziest ones, say that he found a portal to a distant sphere called Gywnsten and got lost in Time and Space. The reality is that, one day he left his home in Aedd Gynvael and was never seen again.


Among the many works the sorcerer wrote.  Different treatises on architecture and archaeology are noteworthy. In addition, there are collections of poems and various books on the history of the Continent.

He is also credited with creating several new spells and several paintings, which portray different people of the epoch.


The sorcerer's legacy to the general culture of the world and the continent was quite remarkable. Beyond disciplines such as painting and poetry. His works on history, among others, a part of which was lost, served to clarify quite a lot about the Dark Age of the Continent and its later Renaissance in the distant future. Especially, on those more far and distant territories.

Personality and traits

On a personality level. Istredd stood out for being an attentive, loving and kind person. Described as the "ideal man" by Yennefer and Margarita. With a sense of honour only comparable to that of the ofiris and a great loyalty. He was also an expert in various subjects and unlike many other sorcerers he did not mind "getting dirty" and was not interested in political power.

Instead, he preferred to possess the knowledge to help people (which brought him more than one problem which Yennefer solved)

That same honour and loyalty stand out among his defects. Also the fact of his more introverted personality, which took him away from the public scene to focus more on his own affairs. And it made him a disowned among the mages, except when they needed his help. Because of his profession, his excessive romanticism and morality could also be considered as flaws due to all that both things came to provoke in his life, but at the same time qualities for certain groups of people with whom he interacted.

Physically, Istredd was slightly taller than the northern average, with dark brown hair and grey eyes. Physically, he looked about 35 - 40 years old. The standard among men in his guild.


  • At some point in his life, he thought about becoming a bard.
  • At one point in his life, he served as a professor at the Vinland Magical Academy.
  • The idealized portraits of Yennefer mentioned in the books were painted by him. Later artists took those portraits as a reference. Since the most realistic portraits were destroyed during the witch hunts.
  • The same goes for Margarita's portraits.


  • I know that the marriage with Yennefer is "controversial", but this is based, in the cameo of Yennefer in the comic The Witcher: Of Flesh and Flame, the fact that in the games, the Djinn spell is broken and furthermore, "Geralt" 's cameo in the books, in the year 1373 in which he is alone.
  • His relationship with Radeyah is based on a comment she made about a mage she slept with and with whom Yennefer had also slept in The Witcher: Of Flesh and Flame comic.
  • As a headcanon, I've always thought that the ending in Blood and Wine with Yennefer is too much of a fairy tale to be considered a "canon" thing in The Witcher Saga.