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Hell, also known as the Abyss. It is the original place from which the beings known as demons come. It's a world without an exact description. But the registers of goetia practitioners describe it as a place where the souls of conscious beings are going to suffer.

Some demons, apparently, have their own world. As is the case with Gaunter O´Dimm. But all, if not the vast majority, come from and live in this place.

Just like vampires. Demons can be classified into three great classes: Supreme Demons, Superior Demons and Inferior Demons.

Known Demon Races

  • Bes- Demon of Rage and Power
    • Supreme Bes
    • Superior Bes
    • Inferior Bes
  • Claglydd- Demon of Knowledge
    • Supreme Claglydd
    • Superior Claglydd
    • Inferior Claglydd
  • Hym
  • Mari Lwyd- Demon of Greed
    • Supreme Mari Lwyd
    • Superior Mari Lwyd
    • Inferior Mari Lwyd
  • Personification Demon
  • Contract Demons
    • Supreme Contract Demons
    • Superior Contract Demons
    • Inferior Contract Demons

Known demons


  • In the novels, two unknown demons appears, one of which possessed a wolf and the other one a human. The first was destroyed by Geralt of Rivia accompanied by an exorcist priest.
  • Pyramid Man is a reference to Pyramid Head, a famous monster from the Silent Hill videogames.
  • The demon Ruehin was killed and removed from the forests of Maellore by Coën and Keldar. Witchers of the School of the Griffin.
  • Most of the demons mentioned here come either from mythology or are references to other fictions.