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And you also label me a heretic?
―Heledd to Geralt in his first meeting

Heledd is a renegade mage interested in other worlds and planes.


Little is known about her life, but some rumors make her the daughter of the duke who ruled Vespaden and a participant in the attack carried out by sorcerers to the fortress of Kaer Seren in 1249. All this, due to the refusal of the Griffins to share their knowledge with the mages.

It is known that she self-educated herself in some subjects, of which she considers herself an expert. As is the case of the phenomenon of the Conjunction, the parallel worlds, other planes, dimensions, etc...

Also, other rumors, which led her to meet with Geralt of Rivia for a contract that described her as a Goetia practitioner. The truth turned out to be very different after all.


  • This is a canon expansion for the Soul Calibur VI character who appears in the Geralt of Rivia story named : Sorceress.
  • I've added this character to the wiki, because although it appears in another video game that is not from The Witcher franchise, it does belong to their universe. 


Geralt and Heledd talking