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Guxart was an exiled student of the Griffin School, as well as the reformer and the further grandmaster of the School of the Cat.


Early life

Why was he exiled? Which mutations went wrong? TBA

Meeting Treyse and reorganizing the Cat School

At some point of the late 1180s, Guxart met Treyse during the hunt. Treyse told him a story about how the Stygga Citadel fell during the Ebbinger siege and his heroic attempts to save Grandmaster Kodan from the inhuman witchers frayed from emotions. Touched by his words, Guxart proposed his help in rebuilding the school.

Guxart became the main teacher of the school, while Treyse, as the sole survivor of the siege of the original school, the formal leader. Joined by renegade mage Idarran of Ulivo, one of rejected Alzur's disciples who agreed to prepare first mutations, they decided that the new headquarters should be mobile, so that they could avoid any new pogrom. And so the Dyn Marv Caravan was created.

Cooperation with the Wolves and imprisonment

At some point of 1190s, Dyn Marv travelled to Hertch, where King Radowit II promised to restore witcher schools after Kaer Morhen pogrom. While Treyse was originally hesitant, Guxart managed to convince him that it is the only hope for the proper future, especially after Idarran's leaving. Together they trained at least one generation of new Cats.

In 1200s, Guxart, together with Vesemir of the Wolves, began to suspect that the King's plans might held more mischievous intentions. Unfortunately, both him and his new colleague were arrested by Kaedweni and imprisoned in Haute-Bellegarde keep for three months.

Taking the leadership and cleaning the mess

Both masters – or, technically, acting grandmasters since Treyse's and Rennes's deaths – were released and allowed to rebuild the schools, on conditions that the royal money would be never given them again and that the schools must not cooperate which would endanger the royal reign.

Guxart met Dyn Marv in one of their secret meeting places. When he arrived, he learnt that some of his students led by Aiden, Gaetan, Joël and Ivo Creygen had already started to trial and dispose of traitors who plotted against the Wolves. He arrived just in time to save Schrödinger from hanging, who was not willing to admit whether he supported the treason or not. As the eldest witcher and former master, he was granted Grandmastership and decided to allow Schrödinger stay. Those who were clearly guilty, including Brehen, Jad Karadin and Zamir, were exiled and banned from entering Dyn Marv ever again.


How and why did Lexandre kill him? TBA


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