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Gotland also known as The Land of Exiles by the kaedweni people, Fryst Helvete by the vinlandis and Kald Fengel by the skelligers. It's a territory of the Far North. Located north of Heluland and Kvenland. It is used as a place of exile for those ostracized coming from Kaedwen, Vinland or Skellige, what has caused many conflicts throughout its history.


Gotland is a mountainous territory close to the coast of what is known as the Sea of Missa. Its territory, similar to Kvenland is full of tundra and boreal forests. Several rivers are born here. There are also some small lakes in the area.

The majority of the inhabitants of this region live near the origins of the rivers and lakes. There are some settlements in the area, but none can be considered a city. More like villages.


Considered by some people as a proto-state, Gotland's origins are lost time It is known that the first inhabitants of this territory were the Got. A powerful human tribe, which stood as the "leader" of that region above the other tribes like the Oyruhr.

Approximately at the end of the 11th century, different exiles from the Northern Kingdoms began to arrive and settle there, trying to start a new life in exile. Most of these exiles were bandits, petty criminals and marauders. Those who settled there and even some ended up joining the different tribes.

But with the passage of time, punishment was also applied to people even more dangerous. Which, in the end, brought religious fanatics to the region. As members of the cult of Coram Agh Tera, variants of the Eternal Fire, among others.

Which ended up unleashing a religious conflict between the Got and these fanatics, who led to their extinction.

With the passage of time, the number of exiles would increase. Even former students of Ban Ard exiled there, for having practiced forbidden magical arts.

Throughout all this time, religious conflicts, as well as other conflicts, would be unleashed. Between different tribes and exiles. Like the one that involved Fabio Sachs' expedition in 1287.

Known Places

  • Raukar
  • Visvy
  • Kalmar
  • Faro
  • Furillen


  • Its name means Land of the Got.