Nilfgaard has many sons willing to fight and die for the Empire. But none of them as fierce and ambitious as this one daughter.
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Glynnis aep Loernach was a brave Ruache woman serving in the Nilfgaardian army.


Early life

Glynnis was born in 1246 to Alter aep Meir and Loernach aep Efa, both Ruache of Lower Alban origin. Since childhood introduced into the teachings of the Great Sun and ancient war tales of Lower Alban tribes, she decided to bound her future with the imperial service. When she announced her intent to apply for admission to the Military Academy, her father, a stern man, simply nodded with pride burning in his eyes.

At the Academy

At first treated with arrogance and mockery, Glynnis quickly proved to be remarkable cadet, leading her co-students to view her with silent fear rather than scorn. In the day she finished the academy, she was treated with respect and unyielding loyalty.


She loved every soldier like a son. She cried for each one.
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Glynnis quickly became an officer, promoted by Ramon Tyrconnel after she provided better plan than her commander, Ffion var Gaernel. Leading from the frontline, the brave heroine gained a motherly relation with ther men despite her young age.

Battle of Brenna

There before her now, the famed Julia Abatemarco, whom the Nordlings, in their strange way, had dubbed "Pretty Kitty". The crush of the melee made it impossible to manoeuvre away, though the thought never crossed her mind. Glynnis strove toward the centre of the fray, toward the Nordling, one such as her, who fought with equal parts deftness and vicious fury, and inspired such loyalty in her following. Sword gleaming, she met eyes with the mercenary officer and threw herself forward, riding the tide of bloody, indistinguishable bodies, a smile touching her lips for the first time she could remember. "Glòir Aen Ard Feainn! Glòir Aen Ker'zaer!"

During the Battle of Brenna Glynnis clashed with Julia Abatemarco. After a fierce duel she was thrown off the horse by the opponent and almost died under cavalry hooves.


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