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Feiwo (非我) is a region of the Far East, where multiple non-human kingdoms lie. It is located northeast of Melukka. To the north it borders the Korath Desert, to the northeast Ultari, to the south Melukka and to the east with the East Sea. They have a long tradition of trade with the southern territories of Melukka, as well as throughout its history, having suffered quite a few attempts of invasion and extermination by the people of the Okami Islands.

Known territories

  • Ophona
  • Luko
  • Biringan
  • Zaboaga
  • Manku
  • Nurem
  • Sundaland
  • Meru
  • Lichavis
  • Vineta
  • Bikol
  • Uzek
  • Pagu
  • Gaosan
  • Tewo
  • Mendari


  • The inspiration for Feiwo, are the different ethnic groups of China, separated. As is suggested in the Far East article.