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Many legends arose amongst the Nordlings concerning the lands situated east of Korath and easternmost end of the Fiery Mountains. While most scholars simply deny their existence, there are many people eager to believe tales told by zerrikanian and zangvebarian travelers, tales of mighty kingdoms, wealthy cities and rice-cultivating Aen Agde elves.

Known territories

Near East

North East

South East

Far East


  • The purpose of Far East is to bring East Asian themes into the World of the Witcher. I would suggest though to avoid repeating clichés – multiple settings already contain pseudo-China Empire, Pseudo-Japan islands and so on. I'd suggest to explore instead less known national groups, as well as minor ethnicities from China and Japan. China itself consist of 56 recognized ethnic groups – why not to pick one of the less known and imagine how they would prosper in case they were not unified by gods-appointed emperors millennia ago?
  • Both Sapkowski and CD Projekt RED allude to real-world modern events and problems from time to time to make the setting more interesting and controversial. Of course, I'm not encouraging you to copy paste Mao and his whole biography – but you can always pick some interesting well-documented events in Asia from the last few centuries and think how they could work in the Witcherverse.
  • Concerning geography – for start let's say it has mountains and Korath in the west, steppes in the north, Melukka in the southwest and a complicated coastline in the east. I have a map sketch I can upload but don't fear to use your imagination – maps can be always redrawn.
  • The Southern Kingdoms would be located in the Barsa area. And they would be in structure, similar to the Northern Kingdoms with influences of the Taifas. Like a mix of both concepts. The city of Zerzura, at some point in its history, despite its isolation, was part of the Southern Kingdoms, but seceded.
  • The Higher Vampire tribe known as the Tdet came to the Far East in the time just after the Conjunction of the Spheres. All the vampire species set across the lands of the Far East are related in some way or shape to this tribe.