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“Throughout his life, Eryk was curious about his father, a side effect of the Witcher's mutations was partial amnesia, he remembered his mother's face, but not his father. He had quite often thought of him, what he looked like, what was he, what was he? Well, who he was, the young witcher suspected that an ordinary peasant who knew only about working in the field from dawn to dusk, or some passer-by who seduced his mother and then would dissolve like a fog in the fog. But never, ever in his entire life had he thought of this kind of ... option. ''

  • About Eric and meeting his father.

Eryk of Anchor, also known as the Butcher of Caingorn - a witcher from the Cat School, the firstborn son of the Emperor of Nilfgaard, Emhyr var Emreis, and Ciri's half-brother.



She is a surprise child promised to the witcher Roger of Crinfrid by his mother for saving him from the were-cat. He was born on the Feast of Belleteyn, 1235, in the village of Anchor, as the son of the herbalist Hanna and Duny, the Urcheon of Erlenwaldd.

When he was 10, he was taken (against his mother's wishes) by Roger to the hideout of the Cat Guild to become a witcher.

Training for a witcher

Eryk trained as a witcher from 1245.

He trained in the Cats hideout until 1255, where he learned to master the sword and underwent mutations. He passed all the trials, after which he set out on the trail.

Characteristic :

Unlike other Witchers from the Cat's Guild, he was not characterized by cruelty, he was reluctant to kill people.

Eryk was considered by many to be unpredictable, conceited and calculating, he could be warm and caring for his relatives. He was a very charismatic person who listened to his companions and aroused fear in people.

He was characterized by remarkable cleverness and intelligence which belied his appearance of a brutal mutant. He also had extensive knowledge in many areas, and it is easy for him to win the sympathy of simple and high-born people.

He felt no aversion to his profession or regret for subjecting it to mutations, he always said, "I could have ended up worse." He performed his work with remarkable concentration and dedication.

He looked for the idea of ​​fighting evil in witchcraft, and considered the neutrality of the witchers to be purposeful and sensible.

Look :

Eryk was a tall, well-built and extremely handsome man. He was distinguished by a pale complexion as well as a high forehead, regular eyebrow ridge, thin nose wings and long fingers, which clearly indicated that he had elven roots

He was known for his "mysterious smile and menacing gaze." "

His equipment included a modified (according to his idea) guild gear of the Kota school, as well as a medallion of the guild, as well as witcher's silver and steel swords and a crossbow.

Interesting facts :


  • He knew the Old Speech and all its variants to perfection
  • He hated dumplings.